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Gold Candy Buffet Color Scheme

Gold Wedding Candy Buffet Color Scheme
Gold Wedding Candy Buffet Color Scheme
Gold Wedding Candy Buffet Color Scheme

A gold candy buffet color scheme creates a mood of passion, magic, and wisdom to any event. Gold being the color of wealth, prosperity, and glamour, your choice of candy and accessories needs to be top notch to make this theme works perfectly.

Since the choice of gold candy is quite limited, an all gold candy buffet is not something you will see that often. It’s effect is very powerful, glitzy, and may sometime be perceived as overwhelming. For all these reasons, many decide to tone it down a notch by adding to a gold candy buffet, touches of white, black, or even silver to counterbalance the overall feeling.

Get inspired and choose from the best selection of the top gold candy available on the market. Shown below as well, are elegant decor ideas for planing a classy gold candy buffet for your upcoming event.

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Gold Candy Buffet Candy

Gold Candy Buffet Personalized Candy

Gold Foil Personalized Candy Buffet Lollipops

These personalized metallic foil lollipops will be your candy buffet shinning stars!
The strawberry flavored lollipops are individually wrapped in a clear cellophane decorated with a white satin bow.

Gold Candy Buffet Decor Ideas

Gold Wedding Candy Buffet Color Scheme Backdrop Decor Idea

Finding the perfect way to camouflage a boring wall behind your candy buffet can be challenging. Clustering this pinwheel decoration set on your wall is inexpensive and a way to create a unique, and stylish backdrop decor.

Candy Buffet Apothecary Glass Jars

We frequently use these apothecary glass jars quite often and they are wonderful for candy buffets.
Mix and match between the globe-shaped, straight-sided, and our favorite, the bell-shaped jars to add a multi-dimensional look to your decor!

Candy Buffet Gold Glitter Acrylic Cake Stand

This gold glitter acrylic cake stand a great for your candy buffet if you intend to include a cake or cupcakes, or other sweet treats. It can also be useful as pedestal to elevate a candy jar.

Candy Buffet Gold Cupcake Cup

Glamorous gold glitter cupcake wrappers are a perfect match for your gold candy buffet color scheme. Each liner is coated and can be re-used for many other occasions. 

Personalized Metallic Foil Pattern Gold Candy Bags

These personalized metallic foil pattern candy bags are gorgeous for candy bars. A must for your guests to fill them up with your delicious delights.

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