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Is a Tropical Destination Wedding Right For You

Sandals Tropical Destination Wedding

Is a tropical destination wedding right for you?

Your dream of getting married on a beach is about to come true… picture yourself being in a warm, exotic tropical island, walking on a white sandy beach to exchange your wedding vows. It’s so romantic! Is a tropical destination wedding right for you? Before deciding on your dream wedding venue, consider some of the pros and cons of a tropical destination wedding.


Cost Effective

Getting married in an all-inclusive resort is easier and usually ends up being less expensive than having a traditional wedding in your hometown. Tropical destination wedding resorts provide cost effective wedding packages created by expert wedding planners. All is included, and they take care of all the details of setting up the ceremony and reception decors. Some resorts will even give you a better deal or additional perks according to the number of rooms booked, and if you stay longer for your honeymoon.

Less Stress

Once you choose your wedding package, there not much else for you to do. The destination resort takes care of everything to bring together all the the elements to organize a fabulous, stress-free wedding for the couple.

Beautiful Scenery

Destination weddings are so trendy, and finding the perfect location that offers breathtaking views is no longer challenging to find. During the few days before your wedding, take the time to explore the property and find unique and beautiful spots for your wedding photos.

Quality Time with Guests

Compared to a traditional hometown wedding where everyone is rushing to get ready for the wedding, a destination wedding is a unique opportunity to spend more time with your loved one. A destination wedding never takes place on the same day of arrival so you and your guests will have a few days to relax, have fun, and look forward to the big day. Without a doubt the quality time spent together is an opportunity for everyone to create some wonderful ever-lasting memories.

New Experience for All

For an intercultural wedding, it’s sometime easier and necessary to forgo the traditions of two different cultures and simplified the process for everyone by holding the wedding in an exotic and neutral zone making your wedding a new experience for both side of the family.

Smaller Wedding Guest List

If you are being pressured to invite people you have not seen since you were a kid, a destination wedding will nicely take care of the situation. It is a great way to trim down your wedding guest list.


Guest Unable to Attend

Some of your family members or close friends may not be able to attend your wedding. It may be because they cannot afford the cost of travelling or their work schedule doesn’t allow them to take some time off. When evaluating different destination wedding venues, keep in mind if your guest will be able to afford the trip.

Lack of Control

If you like to be in control, an all-inclusive destination wedding package where everything is taking care for you may unfortunately leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

Lack of Privacy

If your family and friends stick around during your honeymoon, getting some privacy time and romantic moment may be difficult.

Can you think of other Pros & Cons of having a tropical destination wedding?

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