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Outia Tunisian Wedding Shower

I recently returned from a trip to Tunisia where I attended the wedding of my niece. A few days prior the wedding, we had the privilege of attending my niece’s Outia; a traditional Tunisian celebration of the bride-to-be. It was wonderful to experience the fusion of different cultures and practices.

Traditional Tunisian weddings are typically spread out over 3 to 7 days and involve hundreds of guests. A Tunisian Outia is an integral part of the wedding ceremony and resembles a bridal shower where the bride and her female entourage celebrate. To include everyone, the soon to be newlyweds decided to have a coed Outia wedding shower instead.

The bride-to-be wore a traditional fouta and blouza which consists of a cropped top and a beautiful long skirt. The groom-to-be was equally elegant in his white silky suit. Guests were invited to come as they were or to wear traditional Tunisian outfits to match the celebration.

The celebration was held in a private home that was stylishly decorated for the occasion. Gorgeous flower bouquets, copper candlesticks and lanterns were set throughout the venue and a welcome sign bordered an in-ground pool that was filled with rose petals. The surroundings conferred an incredibly romantic and feminine vibe to the occasion.

Outia Wedding Bridal Shower Welcome Sign Pool Venue Decor

Outia Wedding Shower Venue Decor

Outia Wedding Shower Venue Decor

While the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids celebrated with mehndi (henna tattoos), others partied to the lively music of the band who kept everyone on the dance floor. Throughout the evening people let out energized vocals know as ululating.

Outia Tunisian Bride-to-be Henna Party

Tunisian wedding showers are a vibrant celebration of love and commitment that have been a part of the wedding culture of the North African country for centuries. Although an Outia celebration is traditional of Tunisian culture, many elements can be borrowed to create the most festive and unique celebration you’ll ever attend. The blend of North African customs with modern touches can bring a warm and magical vibe to any bridal or wedding shower theme‚Ķregardless of where the celebration takes place!

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