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The 10 "No-No's" of DIY Candy Buffet

Congratulations! ... You have decided to treat and dazzle your guests with a DIY candy buffet at your wedding reception. Excellent choice! It is one of the key elements that is most remembered in any wedding reception. Planning for it is a lot of fun and to help you achieve a truly magnificent candy buffet, here are 10 common mistakes to be avoided.

1. Out Of Reach Candy Jars
Avoid setting very tall glass candy jars at the back of the table. This not only makes it awkward for your guests overstretching to reach for candy; it increases the chance of them accidentally knocking over other glass jars. Oops! Bye-bye candy buffet! One simple rule: candy jars should not be set further than 24" away from the edge of the table.

2. No Space Between Candy Jars
Provide enough space between each jar for your guests to comfortably maneuver and place both the jar lid and self-serve container on the table as they transfer candy from the jar to the self-serve container.  Remember - many of your candy jars will have lids, and most of your guests will have only two hands!

3. Narrow-Opening or Narrow-Neck Jars
Avoid glass jars with narrow openings or necks. Other than the micro-surgeons on your guest list, most will find scooping candy from these jars exceedingly difficult.

Using a narrow opening glass jar for a candy buffet is a no-no

4. Inappropriate Serving Utensils (Scoops & Tongs)
Utensils have to be proportionate to the size of the jars. Imagine trying to scoop candy from a small jar with a shovel.  The same applies to tongs.  In addition to appropriate sizing, consider also the purpose of the utensil. Scoops work best with small, hard, or ball-shaped candy such as Jelly Belly and M&M's. Tongs are better suited for softer candy such as licorice sticks, and gummies.

Using the wrong size and a metal scoop for your candy buffet

5. Metal Scoops With Glass Jars
Beware! A metal scoop can easily chip the rim of a delicate glass jar, leaving chips or even shards of glass in your candy. Again, is their a micro-surgeon in the house?

6. Large Self-Serving Containers
The larger the containers that your guests will use to serve themselves at the candy buffet, the quicker you'll run out of candy. Keep the containers on the small size and lid free, so that they cannot be closed and slipped into a pocket or purse. For this reason, I do not recommend using bags.

7. Excessive Heat at an Outdoor Summer Candy Buffet 
We have all seen lovely pictures of garden candy buffets and they do look gorgeous. Choosing an outdoor venue may not necessarily be a mistake, but please beware! Candy is highly susceptible to temperature, and does not do well in heat. If you're planning to display your candy buffet outdoors, do it in a shady area away from direct sunlight. Plan ahead; be prepared to move your whole set up indoors should an unexpected heat wave strike on your special day.

8. Commercial 'Brand-Name Wrapped' Candy
Seriously folks? This is your special day, does it not warrant truly special candy? Consider the aesthetic appeal, the visual impact!

9. Candy Bargain Hunting
Again, seriously? Please stop right here and reread #8. Now add to that the freshness and the taste of your candy. Do you really want to compromise on quality, freshness and appeal to save a few bucks?

10. Table Clutter
Avoid the urge to display some candy directly on the tablecloth. Although at first thought, this may seem creative; it really isn't. It can detract from the overall visual effect rather than add to it; and worse, it can create clutter and impracticallity. Clear table space is essential to facilitate the manoeuvring of candy by your guests. (Please review #2) Keep it clean, classy and workable.

Respecting these 10 simple "No-No's" will go a long way in achieving a truly outstanding candy buffet that your guests will not only enjoy on the momentous day of your wedding but will remember pleasantly for many years to come.


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The 10 No-No's of DIY Wedding Candy Buffet

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