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Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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Are you tired of the same old guestbook tradition to contain your guests’ wishes? If you are, then you’re in the right place because so are we! Here you can easily find distinctive ideas to collect guest wishes with our alternative wedding guest book guide. Your event is unique and helping you find a lovely way to remember who attended your wedding is what matters. You may be even asking yourself, “Do I really need this extra wedding expense?” The answer is absolutely yes! But it doesn’t have to be the same thing as everyone else…

The traditional way of collecting guest wishes is to provide a guest book for your guests to write in their names, warm wishes, congratulations, and advice. After the wedding, the guest book becomes a memento of your special day. Years from now, you’ll open this guest book and have cherished memories of who attended your special day.

Nowadays, guest books are so much more than just a collection of signatures! New alternatives that I wish existed years ago when I got married are now available to you. From Jenga blocks, puzzles, to shadow boxes, all make for unique, and original ways to commemorate guests that attended your wedding. Many of them can be personalized with your names, date of wedding, and can even include a special message for your guests.

The best location to place your guest book is to set it on a dedicated table near the entrance of your reception venue. To make sure every guest signs your guest book, an idea is to add a decorative sign that reads ‘Please sign our guest book!’

Continue below to explore creative possibilities for an alternative guest book that is as original and unique as you are!

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Alternative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

This building blocks guest book is very much like the famous Jenga building block game. The set includes 72 blank blocks for your guests to write special notes on them and create a wooden tower. This alternative guest book makes for a wonderful keepsake that you’ll enjoy (and play with) for many years to come.

Add a rustic charm to your reception with this personalized wooden wish box. The box is made of white-washed wood and features a metal mesh interior with a glass latch-closing front panel. The inside has a similar look to a sweet honeycomb, and is designed to collect guests’ well wishes and words of wisdom on a tiny paper scroll that neatly fits into the holes of the wire mesh. After the reception, the box makes for a lovely addition to your home’s decor and serves as a reminder of your special day. 

Invite your guests to sign your personalized canvas guest book. This beautiful stretched family tree canvas features your custom personal message and date, and ink coloring. A gorgeous alternative guest book for a wedding memento you’ll treasure for years to come.

This unique peg and string frame alternative guest book makes for an extra special way to capture special messages and photos from your guests. The chic white rustic frame sets off the burlap twine and brown kraft card tags so perfectly. It can go with any color scheme.

For a simple mean to collect guest wishes, this rose gold lid wishing jar is very attractive. With a slot in the lid, the jar includes 100 wooden hearts and an instructional tag for your guests. You’ll enjoy reading the special notes from your guests long after the wedding.

Guest Book Puzzles

Guest book puzzles are fun and make for a unique and very special way to collect your guests’ wishes. The rectangular personalized guest book puzzle is made of wood and includes 112 signing pieces. A lovely decorative puzzle center piece and a storage wooden box feature your monogram, or a custom text.

The adorable heart shaped guest book puzzle is made of wood and includes 63 pieces. The center piece of the puzzle can be personalized with your choice of a design or monogram. Each guest signs a piece of the puzzle and place with the other pieces to form a heart making for a romantic addition to your event.

Travel Themed Guest Books

For your travel or destination wedding these perfectly themed alternative guest books are well worth considering. The upscale looking mini suitcase wishing well features a matching personalized luggage tag paired with the paper airplane notes. It makes for an excellent container to collect wishes.

Shaped like a globe in a shadow box, this alternative guestbook includes 100 wooden hearts for your guest to sign and drop in the frame. The globe features a quote at the top “Our Adventure Begins.” It makes for a perfect memento of your special day.

Personalize the watercolor map design poster with your names, and a special message for your guests. Included are 108 gold heart stickers that your guests sign and stick around the world on the poster. After your wedding, frame the poster to match your home decor for a unique keepsake.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are stylish wood frames with an opening at the top for guests to drop their wishes written on wooden circles, hearts, or even corks. Once the frame is filled with wishes, it creates an intricate overall design.

Perfectly themed for a rustic and country style wedding, this personalized bottle makes for a creative way to collect guests’ wishes. Provide your guests with signing corks, paper scrolls, or card stock for them to write memorable notes. After the wedding the bottle will become a memorable showpiece displayed in your home.

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