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Creative Wedding Countdown Ideas

Our creative wedding countdown ideas make for useful ways to help you build anticipation while planning one of the most important days of your life. With so many tasks involved in the planning of a wedding, they also make for practical tools to keep you on track with time and stick to your schedule!

Looking forward to something you are truly excited about is almost as fun as when time actually comes. A good example are vacations; have you ever noticed that making plans, getting ready and dreaming about it creates a ton of excitement … and upon your return, did you ever find yourself wishing you were back in time and still in the preparation phase? Excitement creates memories and is just as powerful as reaching the day of the event!

Whether your prefer counting the days, the months or both, is a personal choice and all countdown tools will bring you excitement for the duration of the wedding planning.

Wedding countdowns also make for great engagement gift ideas. After your big day, use your countdown for other significant events such your first vacations or Christmas as Mr. and Mrs., or to cherish the arrival of a newborn!

Continue below for creative wedding countdown ideas. For additional information on any of the products, simply click on the provided link and you’ll be directed to one of your preferred partner.

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Favorite Creative Wedding Countdown Ideas

This easy to read LCD screen allows you to count the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds until your big day. Personalize this practical countdown clock with your names for a memento you’ll be using long after! Think of all the firsts you have to look forward to!

Wedding Countdown Clock
ThingsByLyon (Etsy Store) – Wedding Countdown Clock

Handmade, this ‘I do’ burlap print makes for a lovely way to count the days down until your big day. Personalize it with your wedding date and easily mark the day with a dry erase marker on a glass frame. This is perfect if you’re more hands on and want the ritual of updating the sign!

Wedding Countdown Frame
chathamplace (Etsy Store) – Wedding Countdown Frame

For a tropical destination wedding, this beach themed wedding countdown will keep you dreaming every day until the big day. Featuring a 3″ chalkboard heart, this frame measures 5 x 7 and includes chalk and jute strings for hanging.

Beach Themed Wedding Countdown Idea
CountdownChalkboards (Etsy Store) – Beach Themed Wedding Countdown Frame

Personalize this charming wedding countdown frame with your names and a favorite photo. The text is engraved on a beautiful pine wood frame that includes a chalk heart as well as a plexiglass to protect the photo and a wooden dowel for standing up.

Personalized Wedding Countdown Wooden Frame
CustomWoodWonders (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wedding Countdown Wooden Frame

Handcrafted from oak veneer, this romantic countdown plaque is personalized with your names. Featuring a wire hanger and a cute ribbon decoration, the plaque comes with 2 pieces of chalk in an organza bag for storage.

Personalized Wedding Countdown Plaque
Daisydoors (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wedding Countdown Plaque

Wooden blocks make for a fun and interactive way to countdown the number of days until your wedding. The blocks are hand crafted and come in your choice of preferred color. The two larger blocks include the words day, days, weeks and months and the other one and “till Mr and Mrs”. The smaller blocks have numbers on each side so you can flip accordingly.

Personalized Wedding Countdown Blocks
luxurygrove (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wedding Countdown Blocks

This lovely laser engraved wooden countdown chalkboard sign is personalized with your names. The sign also includes wooden feet to hold and easily display the sign.

Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign
MaisonCreationShop (Etsy Store) – Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign

Customize to your liking the color of this pretty wedding countdown wooden plaque as well as the color of the writing. The sign comes with a beautiful bow and a chalk that you conveniently store in its casing.

Hanging Wedding Countdown Sign
LittleEnglandGifts (Etsy Store) – Hanging Wedding Countdown Sign

As your wedding day approaches, keep abreast of what needs to be done with this classic set of milestone countdown cards. They are well made using photo cards and the set includes 17 of them to help you keep on track during the final year leading up to your wedding day. Additional custom cards are also available if needed.

Classic Wedding Countdown Milestone Cards
EllieMaryDesigns (Etsy Store) – Classic Wedding Countdown Milestone Cards

Handcrafted from paper clay, painted and finished with a gloss varnish, this charming countdown chalkboard sign makes for a wonderful way to count the days in anticipation of your big day. Choose a favorite color for the writing and personalize the front of the sign with your name and your wedding date at the back.

Personalized Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign
LittleWisteriaArt (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign

This heart shaped wedding countdown plaque is simply gorgeous! This wood plaque is edged with lovely white lace detail and finished with a lace bow and two small pearlescent hearts. A piece of chalk hangs below the plaque from a loop of ribbon. Several options of wording are available making this plaque a cherished keepsake long after the wedding.

Heart Shaped Wedding Countdown Plaque
LittleJennyWrenShop (Etsy Store) – Heart Shaped Wedding Countdown Plaque

Count the weeks and days before your big day with this floral countdown plaque. Featuring a lovely inscription ‘Until We Become Mr & Mrs’, and adorned with a romantic flowery design, this wooden chalkboard sign comes with a chalk to easily update your info.

With your choice of counting by days or weeks, these countdown plaques are handmade with quality birch wood and can be personalized with your names.

Personalized Wooden Wedding Countdown Plaque
PersonaliseMyName (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wooden Wedding Countdown Plaque

This wooden countdown frame features a convenient clip at the top for adding a favorite (4 x 6) photo of you together. This comes available in a wide array of colors and the possibility of including a custom message of the back of the frame making for a wonderful memento of your tremendous anticipation!

Photo Clip Wedding Countdown Frame
213Designs (Etsy Store) – Photo Clip Wedding Countdown Frame

For a vintage appeal, this custom countdown chalkboard sign makes for an excellent choice to build anticipation for your big day. The optional easel completes the look and makes it easy to display your sign indoors or outdoors.

Creative Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign
LetterPictureArt (Etsy Store) – Custom Wedding Countdown Chalkboard Sign

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