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Handcrafted Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Unique handcrafted wedding guest book alternatives have so much more to offer than simply collecting your guests’ signatures. If you ever felt that a traditional guest book will simply collect dust after your big day, wedding guest book alternatives promise to defy that notion! These unique and creative pieces of arts come in all shapes and styles and once you find the one that rings true to your heart, you’ll proudly want to beautify your home with after. It makes for such a wonderful keepsake and can contribute to your home decor!

We scouted the market to find for you the most interesting and unique guest book alternatives. All of them are handcrafted by artisans that skillfully transform their materials into works of art. Nicely displayed in your venue, create a focal point to draw the eyes of your guests; they’ll surely make a b line to sign it! It’s a great way to increase the interaction of your guests and enhance your venue decor at the same time.

Explore below and find the perfect guest book alternative perfectly suited to your personality and the theme of your wedding.

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Handcrafted Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Inspired by ‘Love Lock Bridge’ in Paris where lovers from around the world would write their initials on a padlock and lock it on a the bridge, this unique love lock alternative guest book is so romantic! Using a marker, your guests need only write their names and wishes on a padlock and add it to the grid. The wood frame features your names and the date of your wedding. This is by far the most awesome guest book alternative we’ve seen so far! It truly breaks tradition and makes your souvenir 3D. (This item is no longer available)

Love Lock Unique Alternative Wedding Guest Book
AnimasCraftWoodworks (Etsy Shop) – Love Lock Guest Book Alternative

This rustic monogram guest book alternative makes for a unique way to collect your guests’ wishes. The letter is available in different sizes and features your names and the date of your wedding. Two white markers are also included to make each signature pop out! After your wedding the monogram can become a lovely decoration for your home.

Unique Monogram Alternative Wedding Guest Book
WeddingByEli (Etsy Shop) – Monogram Guest Book Alternative

The design of this unique, hand-crafted guest book alternative is centered around the date of your wedding. The design is printed on the canvas and wrapped over a stretcher frame. Make it your own masterpiece by selecting your colors and font style and personalized it with your names.

Unique Hand-crafted Wedding Custom Photos Alternative Guest Book
alphabetcanvas (Etsy Shop) – Custom Guest Book Alternative

With your choice of size, painted/stained and design options, this custom guest book alternative will be as unique as you are. Crafted from Baltic birch wood, it includes a marker for your guests to use. The back of the piece has an easy-hang keyhole to display it in your home for a cherished memento of your big day!

Custom Alternative Wedding Guest Book
48HourMonogram (Etsy Shop) – Custom Guest Book Alternative

Personalize this beautiful hand-crafted shadow box guest book alternative with your names and the date of your wedding for an unconventional keepsake. Let your guests write their wishes and words of advice on a sheet a paper and roll it into the guest book. The sheets of paper are provided in your choice of colors. Rustically ornate and romantic, this piece is a sure win!

Shadow Box Alternative Wedding Guest Book
RusticLoveandWood (Etsy Shop) – Shadow Box Guest Book Alternative

This unique and gorgeous guest book alternative features mountains that are hand cut in wood and layered on top of a pine frame to give a textured 3D effect. A white paint pen is provided for your guests to sign your frame. Personalize with your names an the date of your wedding and display the frame in your home for a lovely keepsake.

Mountain Wood Unique Alternative Wedding Guest Book
Girlinair (Etsy Shop) – Mountain Wood Guest Book Alternative

Have your favorite photo as a couple printed on a wooden textured background for a stunning guest book alternative. Available in your choice of sizes, and printing option, you’ll want to proudly display this art piece at home.

Photo Print Alternative Wedding Guest Book
BySarp (Etsy Shop) – Photo Print Guest Book Alternative

Let your unique spirit shine with a lovely wine cork heart guest book alternative. Available in your choice of size, the guest book is hand- made from natural wine corks. The heart comes ready to hang for you to display in your home later. This is an excellent choice for those of you who really want to break the mold!

Wine Cork Heart Alternative Wedding Guest Book
DesertCoastalStudios (Etsy Shop) – Wine Cork Heart Guest Book Alternative

This elegant heirloom wedding platter can fit up to 75 signatures and is completely made by hand, hand stamped, fired in a kiln, glazed and then kiln fired again. The platter is personalized with your monogram and the date of your wedding. It makes for a classy guest book alternative that is as gorgeous!

Wedding Platter Alternative Guest Book
Susabellas (Etsy Shop) – Wedding Platter Guest Book

For a hearth warming way to collect guests’ wishes this leaf drop round frame guest book alternative is a charming idea. The tree insert with the engraved heart with your initials on it is stunning and beautiful. After your guests drop their signed leaf to fill the frame it looks like a tree with a large leaf canopy. A wonderful choice for nature lovers!

Leaf Drop Box Frame Alternative Wedding Guest Guest Book
MeaningfulFrames (Etsy Shop) – Leaf Drop Box Frame Guest Book

A signature tree is a wonderful alternative for your guest book. As your guests write their names on the tree it creates an illusion of the needles and cones! Other species of trees are also available and they are all fabulous! Once finished this eternal redwood wedding guest book turns into a beautiful piece of art to display in your home.

Signature Tree Unique Alternative Wedding Guest Book
GuestBookEnvy (Etsy Shop) Signature Tree Guest Book Alternative

For a rustic or country theme wedding, this tree wood slice makes for a charming guest book alternative. The tree slice comes from reclaimed wood and the species of wood will vary based on what is available. It is sanded smooth on top and wood burned with the initials of the couple inside the heart on the tree. You can also personalize with your names and the date of the wedding in the center.

Unique Hand-crafted Tree Slice Wedding Alternative Guest Book
MysticWildCraft (Etsy Shop) – Tree Slice Guest Book Alternative

This signing globe is a creative alternative guest book idea and an excellent idea for travel-lovers. The globe is available in a range of colors, and the personalized calligraphy text is offered in gold, black, navy, and rose gold ink. To make it even more unique, you can also submit your own personal text.

Globe Unique Alternative Guest Book
SelahGraceDesgns (Etsy Shop) – Globe Guest Book Alternative

In lieu of using a traditional guest book, many couples choose to have their guests write their wishes on tags and than hang them on a tree or branches. Loved ones can write longer messages for the newlyweds making for a cherished memento of their big day. Follow the link to view the stylish selection of designs this shop has to offer.

Wishing tree Tags Wedding Alternative Guest Book Idea
paperpixie (Etsy shop) – Wishing tree Tags

Wishing stones is a great alternative for a guest book especially if you’re looking for an earth-friendly option. These hand sealed river rocks are hand-picked and selected one by one for their unique coloring and shape. A wishing stones instruction card is also include to help your guests know what they have to do.

Wishing Stones Wedding Alternative Guest Book
paperpixie (Etsy shop) – Wishing Stones Guest Book Alternative

Hand-crafted, this alluring heart shaped wood puzzle guest book has a lovely heart design on each pieces. From a small 30 piece design to a large 250 pieces, each puzzle can be customized with your names, date of the wedding engraved on either a heart or square center piece.

Puzzle Alternative Guest Book
WeddingPuzzleShop (Etsy Shop) – Puzzle Guest Book Alternative

A wood tower filled with hearth warming wishes from your guests!  Hand-crafted, each piece is polished to obtain a smooth surface and features a heart design with your monogram inside and the date of your wedding right below. For lovers of meaningful abstract art, you’ll love displaying this statement piece in your home!

Hand-crafted Wood Tower Wedding Alternative Guest Book
YourWeddingProject (Etsy Shop) – Wood Tower Guest Book Alternative

A fun alternative for your guest book is tumbling blocks. Featuring your choice of wood in either in maple, walnut, padauk, cherry, wenge, ash, oak and purple-heart wood or a mix, each block is sanded with rounded edges and oiled. Personalize the blocks with your names and the date of your wedding for an accessory you’ll enjoy displaying in your home long after the wedding. (Bonus: You can play the game! Jenga anybody?)

Luxury Hand Made Tumbling Block Wedding Alternative Guest Book
RamellJoinery (Etsy Shop) – Luxury Tumbling Block Guest Book Alternative

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