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Backyard Wedding Decor

Trendy backyard wedding decor is what many couples are researching this year to celebrate their special day. Given the pandemic restrictions, getting married at home has been a hugely popular and successful alternative. Scaling down the amount of guests in favor of increasing the dinning and decor experience has been a top priority. What you get is an intimate, meaningful, upscaled backyard wedding theme!

At first glance, we all tend to think that there are big savings to be made by getting married at home. However depending on the number of guests that will be attending, you may need to consider if some additional expenses will be required. Just to name a few, these include the cost of renting a reception tent, dance floor, portable toilets, generator, furniture, tables and chairs. This adds up! Many of these expenses are taken for granted when renting a reception hall but for a backyard wedding there are many details that needs to be addressed.

Backyard wedding are evolving from a no-frills type of event to a grandiose affair! Limitations as to what your theme should be (rustic and low key?) has been lifted. You now have ‘carte blanche’ when it comes to choosing a theme and color scheme to create the wedding of your dreams in your backyard. The same applies for your gown; you no longer have to go simple if you want to go extravagant …. so go get the dress you always pictures yourself wearing!

We’ve rounded up for you our specially hand picked favorites to give you ideas for creating the backyard wedding decor of your dreams!

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Backyard Wedding Decor Favorite Picks

Great your guests warmly with this stylish personalized welcome sign. The board is made of wood and features raised lettering and a lovely heart between your names. Hang the sign in your home afterwards for a charming memento and decor idea.

Backyard Wedding Personalized Welcome Sign
SpringMeadowCo (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Welcome Sign

Beautify your backyard with stunning whiskey barrel flower arrangements. Filled with beautiful white roses, silver dollar eucalyptus and lambs ear, these barrels will elevate the sophistication of any area that needs sprucing up.

Whiskey Barrel Backyard Wedding Flower Decor
Merci Garden (Etsy Shop) – Whiskey Barrel Flower Decor

Sturdily made with real pine, these champagne bubbly walls make for the perfect way to welcome your guests. Each glass holder accommodates 27 champagne flutes and will definitively set the tone for what will be an unforgettable celebration!

Champagne Bubbly Wall Backyard Wedding Idea
BlankCavasbyPotter – Champagne Bubbly Wall

Decorate these wooden candle lanterns with plants, flowers, or LED pillar candles for a charming addition to your backyard decor. The lanterns are handcrafted in pine wood with your choice of sizes and colors. adore the magical mood that these lanterns confer!

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Candle Lanterns Backyard Wedding Decor Idea
WoodDecorPW (Etsy Shop) – Reclaimed Wood Candle Lanterns

Cheesecloth table runners are so versatile! Use them to enhance your table decor or to drape your ceremony arch. This runner has a matte finish (no sheen) which is perfect for taking great photos! It’s simple and yet will make a beautiful organic addition to your table decor adding softness, texture, and elegance. 

Cheesecloth Wedding Table Runner
Greenearthstudio (Etsy shop) – Cheesecloth Table Runner

Accentuate the elegance of your table decor with these wood and mirror candle holders. Made of pine, this candle centerpiece can hold either tealights or votive candles. They make for a lovely touch of class and warmth!

Mirrored Long Candle Holder Wedding Table Decor
UrbanAlloy (Etsy Shop) – Mirrored Candle Holder

This rustic wood and glass box makes for charming candle or flower centerpiece. The box can also be used to collect cards from your guests or can be used anywhere in your backyard that requires a statement piece. The natural beauty of this box makes it a perfect choice to both blend in AND stand out in your backyard.

Rustic Wood & Glass Box Backyard Wedding Decor
LovaandLuxeHandmade (Etsy Store) – Rustic Wood & Glass Box

Simple yet so elegant, this full-color natural wood cake topper accented in green and shades of blush is perfectly themed for your backyard venue. It has a natural charm, and its simplicity won’t overwhelm or dwarf your beautiful cake.

Wood Wedding Cake Topper
LoveandLuxeHandmade (Etsy Store) – Wood Wedding Cake Topper

Come night time, you’ll want to light up your backyard to prolong the festivities. String lights hung from trees will project a beautiful glow throughout your site. Hang them strategically to light up each of your wedding nooks. What a romantic and practical idea!

Outdoor Backyard String Lights Wedding Decor
BBudgetChic (Etsy Shop) – Outdoor Backyard String Lights

Make sure that none of your guests trip on something low while walking around in your backyard with these clever solar mason jar lanterns. They are perfect for delineating areas of your backyard and make for a great decor idea. You can also set them to form a clear path for your guests to know where to go.

Handcrafted from solid wood in your choice of Walnut, Mahogany, Eastern Cedar or Pine, this personalized planter box is a beautiful choice for your sweet heart table centerpiece. A plastic liner is also included if you wish to fill the box with real plants. This planter makes for a wonderful keepsake to display in your home after the wedding.

Personalized Wood Planter Box Wedding Centerpiece
CadesandBirch (Etsy Shop) Personalized Wood Planter Box

For a creative addition to your backyard decor, these gorgeous faux moss and wicker frames will transform your space. Decorate the frames with flowers, or frame special photos for your guests. (This item is no longer available)

Faux Moss & Wicker Frames
Faux Moss & Wicker Frames

Keep your guests refreshed by serving them cool beverages displayed in this embossed galvanized tin party tub. With hinged side handles, the tub comes with a practical cast iron finished metal bottle opener. It’s unique, practical and sure to be appreciated!

Surprise your guests with these charming personalized mason jar mugs. With so many designs and colors to choose from, finding one that perfectly suit your theme is an easy task. Let everyone use them while celebrating and have your guests bring theirs home for keepsake.

Spread S’mores love with this wedding station. This large S’mores bar is hand crafted with pine wood and stained with food safe materials! The handles on the end made with sturdy rope making it easy to carry the station around. This is a must for creating excitement at your backyard wedding!

S'mores backyard wedding station
BlankCanvasbyPotter (Etsy Shop) – S’mores wedding bar

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