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Handmade Candle Favors

Handmade candle favors make for unique and practical gifts not only for the guests but also for those attending your bridal party. With so many styles to choose from, you can easily find one that perfectly reflects your preferences and wedding theme. From a votive candle inserted into a rustic wood slab to a luxury candles poured into glamorous crystal jars, all are handmade by skillful craftsmen.

Compared to many of those commercially made, handmade candles are usually made using 100% natural and biodegradable soy wax, beeswax or vegetable base. Unlike paraffin candles, vegan friendly soy wax contains no toxins, pollutants or carcinogens. As bonus incentive, hand poured natural soy candles burn more cleanly and will also last longer.

Just like a fine perfume, a luxury candle is the elaborate creation of an exquisite fragrance, using high quality wax and wick, and presented in a dreamy container such as the crystal jars shown below.

Scroll down and get inspired with our favorite handmade candle favors. They are a delightful idea for thanking your guests for attending your special day or to show your love and appreciation to your maid of honor and bridesmaids.

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Beautifully packaged in a gift box, this handmade candle favor features a votive candle inserted into a wood slice and is decorated with real dry flowers. The flowers come in your choice of color and are accentuated with a lovely personalized wooden hearts.

Personalized Rustic Candle Wedding Favors
PashiminascarfGits (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Rustic Candle Wedding Favors

Surprise your bridesmaids with this glamorous glass jar luxury candle favor. The jar itself is a keeper the’ll want to reuse to store small trinkets in. This favor can be personalized with your choice of design and colors as well as with your names.

Glass Jar Candle Wedding Favors
WLL4everFavors (Etsy Shop) – Glass Jar Luxury Candle Favors

Handmade from 100% natural soy, these lovely bubble candle favors are offered in a selection of colors. They come with optional gift boxes and can be personalized.

Personalized Bubble Candle Wedding Favors
TextileKingdom (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Bubble Candle Favors

For a beach wedding, these adorable sea shell gel candle favors are extremely appealing. Available in a choice of colors, personalize the tag with your names and the date of your wedding to create a unique gift for your guests.

Beach Wedding Sea Shell Candle Favors
WLL4everFavors (Etsy Shop) – Sea Shell Candle Wedding Favors

Add a touch of romance to your candle favors with these gorgeous custom jars. The elegant bow adorned with a gold charm is available in your choice of color.

Custom Wedding Candle Favors
bypleksi (Etsy Shop) – Custom Wedding Candle Favors

Customize this beautiful crystal wedding candle with your choice of color ribbon. The crystal jar features an acrylic mirror tag in your choice of color and a whimsical tassel.

Personalized Crystal Wedding Candles
BerelDesignFavors Etsy Shop) – Personalized Crystal Wedding Candle Favors

These lovely all natural candles feature a unique lid decorated with flowers. These dainty are available in an array of scents.  

Clay Decorated Lid Candle Wedding Favors
RileysCandles (Etsy Shop) – Clay Decorated Lid Candle Favors

Adorned with dried flowers, each of these lovely hand-made candles are unique. Available in your choice of pink or white, they make for practical and dreamy wedding favors. They’re also a thoughtful and elegant gift idea for your bridesmaids.

Dried Flower Candle Bridal Favors
itsHandMAYed (Etsy Shop) – Dried Flower Candle Favors

Infused with natural essential oils, these rose garden candle favors are made of vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans. The flat cotton wick is braided with thin paper threads, giving a smooth & stable flame.

Garden Rose Soy Candle Bridal Favors
KayaSoaps (Etsy Shop) – Garden Rose Soy Candles

This elegant soy candle in a glass jar features a 3D liquid gold inscription personalized with your names and wedding date. It’s available in your choice of scent as well as the inscription in your choice of gold, rose gold, and silver.

Personalized Candle In Glass Jar With 3D Liquid Gold Inscription Wedding Favors
NCandles (Etsy Shop) – Candle In Personalized Glass Jar

These lovely rose candle favors are nicely packaged in a craft box and decorated with a personalized tags. The candle is available in your choice of scented or non scented.

Rose Candle Bridal Favors
NaturalLovers (Etsy Store) – Rose Candle Favors

Customize the design of this elegant soy candle favor to your liking. The cap made of precious olive wood, handcrafted in the seller’s family joinery.

Personalized Natural Candle Bridal Wedding Favor
EsECandles (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Natural Candle Favor

Delight your bridesmaids or wedding guests with these luxurious personalized candle favors. Handmade from 100% soy wax, the candles are vegan friendly and beautifully wrapped in a choice of colored ribbon.

Personalized Candle In Crystal Jar Wedding Favors
AdaMarkt (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Candle Crystal Jars

These candles are freshly hand mixed and poured into lovely rose gold metal tins. Select your favorite scent and personalize them with your names and the date of your wedding for charming and unique favors.

Personalized square candle tin Favors
MomentosEvents (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Rose Gold Candle Tins

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