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Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme

Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme |
Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme
Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme
Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme

Fall is a wonderful season to get married especially if your event is close to Halloween. This is the perfect opportunity for you to stand out and throw an elegant Gothic Halloween wedding!

This wedding theme works wonders for couples who dare going the extra mile to make this event as unique as they are. To make it happen, you cannot go part way. Every aspect of the ceremony and reception must embrace and enhance your chosen theme … so no half-measure!

If you choose to wear a white wedding dress consider an ethereal style with a floor-length veil as mystic flair. A red, dark purple, or black wedding dress is absolutely awesome and lends itself perfectly to your Gothic Halloween wedding theme.

Your decor should be magical, surreal, and as spooky as you want it to be. To set the mood and create a wonderful glow, throughout your venue set as many chandeliers, candelabras, and tea light holders as you can. Add to the ambiance by complementing with your choice of black cats, spiders, crows, owls, or skulls. Flowers set in black cauldrons make for uniquely unusual centerpieces… particularly if using dead flowers!

For the pleasure of all, create signature love potion cocktails served with finger foods… Also include classic drinks such as bloody Caesars, and Zombies. and Morgue-a-Rita!

Will all this is mind, inform your guests of your chosen wedding theme and ask them to dress for the occasion!

Truly make an impression with the items below, and don’t forget to pin your favorites!

Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme Black Wedding Dress with Corset Back

This gorgeous sweetheart wedding dress combines tulle and taffeta and is embellished with appliques and cascading ruffles. With a lace-up corset back style, this unique style dress is sure to make you the center of attention on your very special day.

The attractive Gothic Romance garter features a bow adorned with blood red double faced Swiss satin and a black cobweb designed Japanese lace. The style is truly complementary to a Gothic wedding! 

A bouquet of black silk roses for the bride to be! This is a must have, but don’t stop at the bouquet … add them to vases and create thematically perfect centerpieces!

Gothic Halloween Wedding Decor Ideas

This lace mesh mantle scarf is a creative and inexpensive way to add elegance to your wedding while keeping to the vibe of your theme. It features an elegant lace design of spiders and spiderwebs accented with orange LED lights. It can also be use for your table decor. The mantle scarf measures 18″ wide x 96″ long.

For a quick and easy decoration, hang this black chandelier throughout your venue. Use as is or add crystal trimmings for a notch of elegance.

To contribute to the Gothic look of your table decor, this metal frame candelabra features a vintage silver plated finish with a plastic skull accent in the center with eyes that light up.

Set these black metal and glasses lanterns throughout your venue. The soft glow of the tealights will create a mystical illumination effect and will have your guests shivering in delight!

Add a dramatic vibe to your table decor with these place card photo holders. The intricate design will definitely draw your guests’ attention to the table. Use as a place card holder by inserting the included place card, or use as a photo frame by inserting a sentimental (or scary) photo.

To create a glowing mystic feeling at your venue use as many tealight holders as possible! This one is perfect for your theme. The red holder is made of mercury and you just gotta love the design that looks like blood spots!

For optimal lighting, you need to add as many tealights, lanterns, candles and these wire cage string lights as you can. Suspend them from the ceiling, drape along the front of tables, and use to accentuate specific areas at your venue.

The Day of the Dead skulls wedding cake topper is perfect for your fantasy or Gothic themed wedding especially if celebrated around Halloween! The dramatic skeleton bride and groom are delicately hand painted and will make a striking statement on your wedding cake. Elegantly spooky!

Made of black matte metal wire these crown decorations will enhance and add a dramatic feel to your table decor. Incorporate them into your flower centerpieces for a look that is truly unique.

Perfect for your Gothic Halloween wedding theme, this enchanting Gothic Romance cake server set is enhanced with blood red double faced Swiss satin bow and a black cobweb lace design. The handles are made of clear acrylic with stainless steel blades.

From the same gorgeous collection as the garter and cake server set, the Gothic Romance unity candle and taper set showcases a large jet black raw silk rose accented with a blood red double faced Swiss satin and cobweb-like black Japanese lace.

Also available from the Gothic Romance collection

Celebrate in style with these Midnight Pirate toasting flutes. You’ll be taken by the great detail at the base of the flutes. The pirate skeleton is wearing a tri-corner hat and is holding a sparkling red jewel. A monkey is sitting on his shoulder and you can see the pirate’s ribs showing through the torn back of his coat. Perfect to add spookiness appeal!

Gothic Halloween Wedding Theme Midnight Pirate Toasting Flutes
Midnight Pirate Toasting Flutes

Your favors should be as unique as your wedding theme. A great idea are these bottle-shaped openers containing a corkscrew inside. Choose a custom design and personalize the label with your name and date. The favors are packages in a “special occasion” black gift box. 

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