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Naughty Bachelorette Party Ideas

Go bar hopping in style for your naughty girls' night out . Organize a bachelorette party that your future bride wishes she could forget. Get all the juicy details at
Get inspired with must-have accessories to jazz up your naughty bachelorette party. Your girls' night out should be one that  everyone wishes to forget!  Find amazing ideas at
Find all you need to organize a fun and naughty bachelorette party. Your girls' night out should be one that everyone wishes they could forget! Get inspired at

Are you looking for some naughty bachelorette party ideas? Want to have an unforgettable night with your closest friends and have the perfect excuse to be silly and laugh? Well you’ve come to the right place! If you’re planning a girls’ night out you’ll need the proper tools to make everyone laugh and the bride blush!

How naughty should your party be?

Well now that depends. What some people may consider naughty and funny, others may find the same thing naughty and inappropriate. The objective is to have a good time and to not cross that line and humiliate someone. It’s important that you keep in mind the bride’s personality. If she’s shy and on the quiet side, go easy! It won’t take too much to make her blush. If on the other hand, the bachelorette is outgoing and uninhibited, then push it harder to get her to react!

You also need to factor in who will be attending the party. Since you already decide on a girls’ night out, you probably understand the dynamic of your group. Otherwise, you would be planning a Parisian bridal shower theme!

Make the bride feel extra special by dressing her to the teeth! Make it clear for everyone in the bar that she’s the one getting married. A bride T-shirt and sash, a veil, and a penis shot glass to carry around her neck makes for a unique look and undeniable statement .

Having the girls wear the same t-shirts, or the same trinket as a bracelet is a great way to create solidarity among the group. Since you’ll most likely be bar hopping, anything that flashes or glows in the dark is a sure win. Not only will you be easily be recognize as the party group, you and your friends will be able to keep an eye on each other.

Male strip club

If you’re planning to visit a male strip club, call ahead of time to reserve a table close to the main stage were all the action will be. Paying for a private lap dancer for the bachelorette is optional, but well worth the money. Everyone will sit back and enjoy watching the bride who will not know where to lay her eyes. If she’s the extrovert type, she’ll most likely act silly with the dancer to make everyone laugh.

Make your party as fun as it can be but remember, whatever happens at your bachelorette girls’ night out should stay within the group. Get inspired below for fun and naughty ideas that will help you create a party that the bride wishes she won’t remember!

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Bar Hopping Naughty Bachelorette Party Ride

While the girls are getting ready for a night out, have someone decorate the bride-to-be’s ride with this funny car decorating kit. Surprise her with a fully decked out car, complete with bumper sticker, rear viewer mirror tag, door magnet and all sorts of vinyl window decorations. The kit is perfect for bar hopping!

Making The Bachelorette Feel Special

Made of white tulle, the little bit naughty veil is decorated with tiny, shiny, colorful penis cut-outs which are difficult to make out at a distance, but are very obvious when up close.  The veil is perfect for embarrassing the bride-to-be but not so much that she wouldn’t want to wear it.

With this bright pink bride tank top, you’ll be able to quickly spot the bride-to-be if she ever gets drunk and lost on the dance floor! Little details like this one makes for a successful party! Featuring white gemstones, this pretty, and high quality tank top is flirty, and will make every bride-to-be feel special.

There will be no doubt as to who is the bride-to-be with this light pink sash. It features dark pink lettering and is adorned with five blinking red lights on the front. Easy to turn on, there is a pocket on the inside of the sash that contains the on/off switch.

Penis shaped lollipops are extremely popular and getting this huge penis sucker for your bachelorette party is not debatable! Make it a rule that she must be holding it (and licking it?), walking around for at least a good 5 minutes in each bar you visit! The fruit flavored lollipop weighs almost a pound, and measures 13 inches long with the wood stick. It goes without saying that it’s huge and hilarious!

Hanging from a beaded pearl necklace, the penis shot glass makes for a convenient drinking accessory for the bride-to-be and her party crew! Walking around in a bar with this shot glass around your neck, you’ll get more offers for free drinks that you can actually consume.

Amazing Look for Your Crew

To make your crew look stunning, this really cute bridesmaid gemstone tank top will let everyone know that it’s serious party time! Made of 100% cotton, the tank top is ribbed and comes in a stretchy large size to conveniently fit most of your girls.

Be ready and set the mood to your party by having yours girls wear these huge engagement rings. Flashy and fun, the rings are adjustable and actually light up! You’ll easily be able to keep an eye on each other at the bar!

Naughty Bachelorette Party Game Ideas

These bachelorette party I.D. buttons are such a great idea! Not only they are fun to wear, you’ll really get a kick assigning an I.D. button to each girl. Make the bachelorette have the final say on which button will go to which girl. They are a wonderful excuse for getting away playing dares!

When out at the bar, the buzzed bands drinking game is fun and easy to play. The set features 10 bands, each with a different dare on it such as “Laugh maniacally when spoken” or “Kiss hands when greeting people”. Each player can either perform the dare or take a drink. For additional fun, switch bands among the girls all night long!

Make the bachelorette earn five special cards by having her do silly dares with this bar challenge game. Once she earns the cards, she can make the other members of the party drink shots. It’s a fun game, especially if your bachelorette is outgoing. Don’t forget to take pictures to help her remember of the silly things she did at the bar!

Naughty & Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Once the bachelorette party is going strong, and everyone had a few drinks, take out these hilarious penis party glasses for everyone to wear. Made of sturdy cardboard, these glasses come in a package of 8, and one size fits most.

While you are all getting ready for your big night out, have fun applying these penis shaped lipsticks. The box includes 12 lipsticks in an assortment of colors which some of them are useful, while others hilariously unwearable. Let the bride-to-be decide on who gets which color. These penis shaped lipsticks make also for creative favors for your guests.

What is your wildest bachelorette party experience?

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