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Something Blue Ideas for your Wedding

Get inspired with our ‘something blue’ wedding ideas! Most bride-to-be are familiar with this old tradition that comes from the old English rhyme: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe.”

In the past, these wedding traditions symbolized purity, love and fidelity. It was also meant to protect the bride from infertility brought on by the nasty glaze of an Evil Eye. While these traditions are taken much more lightly, many modern brides enjoy incorporating them for added fun.

Finding ‘something blue’ wedding ideas is not always easy. Perhaps you color scheme doesn’t lend itself to being accentuated with something blue. If this situation, hiding something blue under your dress such as a garter, a bridal patch or sexy blue underwear can be a good way to go. Otherwise have fun with it! A blue charm on your bridal bouquet, a fine piece of jewelry or bridal comb are all stylish ideas for taking part of this old tradition.

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Offered in your choice of silver or gold, this engraved bridal pin includes a charm representing each saying of the traditional poem. It includes a genuine old lucky sixpence coin (something old), a gorgeous bride charm (something new), a sweet lucky horseshoe charm (something borrowed), and a pretty blue heart (something blue). Also attached to the pin is a small personalized pendant. The pin can be attached inside your bridal gown, purse or floral bouquet. It’s a very clever idea for taking part in tradition without compromising your theme!

Engraved Bridal Pin | Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue with Lucky Sixpence
CherishUs (Etsy Store) – Engraved Bridal Pin

Perfect for your ‘Something Blue’, this lovely wedding dress patch elevates the old tradition of pinning a piece of blue ribbon inside the dress. The heart shaped patch is made of felt embroidered with light blue thread and is personalized with the couple’s first initials and the date of the wedding.

Something Blue Personalized Wedding Dress Patch
yourbabysroom (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wedding Dress Patch

Adorn your bridal bouquet, the clasp of a shoe, your garter or existing jewelry with this stylish and discrete ‘Something Blue’ charm. Offered in sterling silver or 14k gold, the charm features a blue Swarovski crystal pearl topped with a genuine freshwater pearl.

Something Blue Pearl Charm Wedding Idea
IvoryandBlushBridal (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Pearl Charm

Your ‘Something Blue’ could be this stylish rhinestone anklet bracelet featuring the words ‘I Do’ in your choice of light blue or Tiffany blue. The bracelet also comes in gold and light blue.

I Do Something Blue Rhinestone Anklet Bracelet
Tatishotties (Wtsy Store) – I Do Something Blue Rhinestone Anklet Bracelet

Your ‘Something Blue’ could also be these beautiful bridal earrings! Gold crystal studs connecting to a cushion cut blue crystal pendants make for an alluring bridal look. These are custom made to order.

Something Blue Bridal Earrings
FromTheBride (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Bridal Earrings

A blue bridal garter set is a trendy choice for the bride to add ‘Something Blue’ to her special day. This gorgeous blue wedding garter set features vintage lace appliques on beautifully stretchy lace bands. Each garter is hand-tailored to fit you and is reinforced with an elastic and non-slip grip.

Something Blue Wedding Garter Set
VivaBridal (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Bridal Garter Set

Custom made just for you, this set of rhinestone bridal hair pins makes for a classy ‘Something Blue’ idea. The hair pins are offered in several quantity options.

Something Blue Bridal Hair Pins
SarasBoutique (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Bridal Hair Pins

Accentuate your bridal gown with a gorgeous sash belt! The sash features silver clear and light blue crystal opals for a stylish ‘Something Blue’ addition to your wedding attire.

Something Blue Wedding Sash Belt
BellaBellaLaBella (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Wedding Sash Belt

This elegant powder blue bridal clutch features a bow made with three pieces of fabric which are then machined and hand sewn to create a full bodied look. The clutch frame also comes in your choice of silver or antique brass.

Something Blue Bridal Clutch
lostintimeinc (Etsy Store) – Blue Bridal Clutch

For a creative modern twist, let the groom be the bride’s lucky ‘Something blue’! These blue boxer briefs are personalized with the names of the bride and groom plus the wedding date. This make for a fun keepsake or your special day!

Something Blue Boxer Briefs For The Groom
WeaselandStoatLTD (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Boxer Briefs For The Groom

Hand cut from sheer silk, these lovely butterfly shoe clips are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Premium metal shoe clips are used to prevent damage to the shoes. The butterfly is a symbol of eternal love, making for a very special ‘Something Blue’!

Something Blue Silk & Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Shoe Clips
flutter2me (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Butterfly Shoe Clips

Beautifully embroidered, this bride handkerchief has scalloped edges making for a lovely ‘Something Blue’ idea. This handkerchief is also available with laced edges.

Something Blue Bride Handkerchief
livinhoopla (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Bride Handkerchief

Attaching this charm to your bridal bouquet makes for a unique way for you to add ‘Something Blue’ to your wedding. This blue glass bead angel with silver wings will remind you of your blessing!

Adorned with pastel blue pearls, this handcrafted bridal hair comb makes for a beautiful ‘Something Blue’ addition for your hair. Its exquisite design of a clay white flower in combination with sparkling zirconia crystals and silver pearl beads makes for an ultra feminine piece of jewelry to complement your wedding look.

Something Blue Flower Hair Comb
KatlhleenCareyBridal (Etsy Store) – Something Blue Flower Hair Comb

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