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  Wedding Sweet Candy Buffet Table Top Candies  

The candy for your sweet table must be attractive, delectable and top quality just like you would find in a specialized confectionary sweet shop. Stay away from commercially wrapped candies; they simply donít belong on a gorgeous and stunning candy table. To achieve a well balanced, outstanding candy buffet, you need to diversify the flavours, textures shapes and sizes of the candies. Your assortment should be as pleasing to the taste as to the eye and, be pleasant for both fruity and tangy candy aficionados.

Youíll notice that for certain colour of candies such as purple, the sweets available are mostly all grape flavoured. To provide an interesting and wider range of flavours, itís important to integrate other colours with different flavours to complement the primary colour of your candy buffet. Some other candies, such as confetti almonds, and sixlets will taste the same no matter what colour you choose. You donít want to repeat the same taste over and over again so it is best not to fill more than one jar with these types of candies.

Below, youíll find a selection of the most attractive, and preferred candies for candy buffets. They are available in wide variety of colours, and will for sure please your most discerning guests.


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Candy Buffet Top Candies
Wedding Candy Buffet Chocolate M&M'S Chocolate M&M'S
A favourite for candy bars, chocolate M&M'S available in a selection of 25 colours can be personalized with your initials, wedding date, and picture.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Confetti Almonds Confetti Almonds
Traditionally used for wedding favours, confetti almonds are very popular these days for candy buffet. They have an elegant oval shape and are available in a variety of colours. The light bitterness taste of the almond coated with a fine layer or sugar that melts in your mouth represent the wish of a bittersweet long life together to newlyweds. Carefully packed in a suitcase, confetti almonds are suitable for destination weddings.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Jelly Belly Beans Jelly Belly Beans
The gourmet candy of choice for candy buffet, the Jelly Belly bean is offered in a wide variety of colours and flavours. The true-to-life flavour of each bean is achieved by not only flavouring the outside candy shell, but the inside jelly as well.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Gummy Bears Gummy Bears
These cute gummy bears are available in many tasty flavours in colours to match any reception venue. A must for your candy buffet, they are perfect to fill larger glass jars.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Sixlets Sixlets Chocolate Candies
The small rounded sixlets are candy coated chocolate-flavoured candies. Its fun to eat crunchy texture makes it a nice addition to sweet table. A glass jar filled with sixlets is very attractive.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Munchies Gummy Munchies
Available in a selection of colours and flavours, tasty munchies are small candy coated gummies. The colour and texture of munchies make them a prime choice for candy buffets.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Fruit Sour Balls Fruit Sour Balls
These flavourful candy balls offer the perfect balance between sweet and sour. They are soft and chewy in the center, with a slightly crunchy shell on the outside. Available in a choice of colours and flavours, these attractive fruit sour balls look great in apothecary glass jars.
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Wedding Candy Buffet  Gumballs Gumballs
The visual effect of a glass jar filled with round, glossy gumballs is very appealing. They are available in a wide assortment of colours including black and white and will match any colour theme.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Salt Water Taffy Salt Water Taffy
Fresh, soft and chewy, salt water taffy is available in a multitude of colours and flavours, each one as tasty as the other. They are perfect for filling a huge glass jar at low cost.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Rock Sugar Sticks Rock Sugar Sticks
Individually wrapped, these crystallised sugar sticks add sparkles to candy buffets. Rock sugar sticks are produced in a variety of colours and tasty flavours and can be displayed in a beautiful clear glass vase, or in a charming, vintage style wood box.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Hershey's Kisses Hershey'S Kisses
With a distinctive shape, Hershey's Kisses milk chocolate are available in wide selection of foil colours. They are truly tasty and a favourite for candy bar.
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Wedding Candy Buffet Old-Fashioned Sticks Old-Fashioned Sticks
Old-fashioned sticks have a distinctive shape and are very trendy for candy buffets. They are available in an array of beautiful colours and yummy flavours.
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