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Finding Heirloom-worthy Wedding Objects

Finding heirloom-worthy wedding objects requires serious thought. Your wedding is a unique opportunity to begin making choices on what cherished items you wish to pass down from generation to generation. It’s all about the sentimental value that your next of kin will fondly remember you by.

There are plenty of ways to go; perhaps your heirloom collection will be a diverse spread of assorted themes and styles, or, you may desire a unified theme that is carried through with each of your items. It’s important to consider your future generation when selecting heirlooms, as not every style will be conducive to displaying in the context of their own decor/scheme. Therefore relatively neutral themes can be your best friend when it comes to practicality and optimizing the chance of future use!

If you’re in the planning phase, perhaps you’re considering walking down the aisle wearing your mom’s wedding veil or dress. You might also consider a decor item that brings you wonderful memories such as your mom’s beautiful wedding cake server set that she takes out only for special occasions. Using wedding heirlooms from your parents or grand parents is quite desirable and makes for a wedding deeply rooted in family history.

Wedding attire, jewelry and table linen are often the first things that come to mind when it comes to heirlooms but there are so many other possibilities! The perfect ceremony union set, vow book, ring box, photo album, guest book, cake topper, server set, toasting flutes, and keepsake box can ALL make for heirloom-worthy wedding objects! The key is to find timeless pieces while keeping in mind ‘quality over quantity’.

Continue below to get started on finding the best heirloom-worthy wedding objects. These are our specially hand-picked favorites! For additional information on any of the items, simply click on the provided link and you’ll be directed to our preferred partners.

Hope Chest

Also known as a cedar trunk, dowry chest, glory box or bridal trousseau, a hope chest is a large rectangular storage box that is perfect for safely protecting delicate and cherished items such as fine linen, jewelry, precious wedding mementos and any other family heirlooms. By tradition, a hope chest was given to the oldest woman of the family for her to collect and store special items after she got married. I’m so fortunate to have inherited my mom’s cedar chest! After my dad proposed, it was the first item my mom acquired to safely store her favorite finds while building her ‘trousseau’. This is one of my most cherished relics of her and it comforts me to know that it will be of sentimental value to my daughter one day. I truly believe that hope chests make for a wonderful heirloom-worthy wedding piece!

Handcrafted from solid pine wood, this charming rustic hope chest makes for a practical memento that will keep on giving. It features a convenient sliding tray that’s crucial for safely storing your smaller cherished items. The chest is available in 3 sizes and a wide range of colors. There’s also room for personalization like a cedar lining which in my opinion is a must-have!

Handcrafted Rustic Hope Chest Heirloom-worthy Wedding Idea
RusticSoulWoodworks (Etsy Store) – Rustic Hope Chest

Made with high quality crystal, brooches, pearls and handmade silk flowers, this cream and gold bridal bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! The exquisite timeless design makes for an heirloom bouquet that you and further generations will cherished for many years to come.

Gold Vintage Wedding Brooch Bouquet
TatyanaAgulina (Etsy Store) – Gold Vintage Wedding Brooch Bouquet

Garters make for wonderful keepsakes. The perfect piece can be pass down as a heirloom just like a fine piece of jewelry. This delicate rhinestone garter set is a stunning option. Made with high quality imitation pearls, crystal and rhinestones, the garters are hand beaded to create a ultra feminine design.

Rhinestone Wedding Garter Set Heirloom-worthy
BemycinderellaEtsy (Etsy Store) – Rhinestone Wedding Garter Set

For a timeless heirloom-worthy cake topper, this one take the cake! Each cake topper is customized for you down to the most minute detail. You need only send a photo and include information regarding your specifications for a cake topper that truly represents your couple. This handmade piece of art is something to cherish long after the wedding!

Heirloom-worthy Custom Wedding Cake Topper
theroomba (Etsy Store) – Custom Wedding Cake Topper

Upcycle your mom’s wedding dress by having it repurposed as a ring bearer pillow. It’s a wonderful idea; Instead of having mom’s dress collect dust in a closet, preserve the memory of the gown by creating a unique heirloom to hand down from generation to generation. It’s also the perfect solution if your mother’s dress isn’t the style you’d like to wear for your big day!

Custom Ring Bearer Pillow From Mom's Wedding Dress
BerkshireCollections (Etsy Store) – Custom Ring Bearer Pillow From Mom’s Wedding Dress

Personalized vow books make for heirlooms with wonderful sentimental value to pass down to future generations. Handmade out of cotton paper with beautiful black script, these vow books are adorned with hand dyed silk ribbon. It’s available alone or as a set, and comes decorated with your choice of text and ribbon color. Personalize with your names and the date of your wedding for a cherished memento of your special day.

Personalized Wedding Vow Books | Heirloom-worthy idea
RebeccaGreenDesign (Etys Store) – Personalized Wedding Vow Books

This elegant heirloom quality ring box is made of transparent and white marbled glass using a traditional stained glass technique. The modern and luxurious hexagon design is unique and features a silver finish while the inside has a handmade, silk ring cushion for the ring to sit up.

Heirloom Quality Wedding Ring Box
LaurusArt (Etsy Store) – Heirloom Quality Wedding Ring Box

Featuring an elegant, hand carved American bald eagle crest, this vintage card box also makes for a beautiful jewelry box!  With a dual locking system, this high quality heirloom chest is designed specifically for generations of your family to enjoy.

Wedding Card Box | Heirloom Locking Chest
MediterraneanCarver (Etsy Store) – Wedding Card Box

Making for a timeless treasure, this romantic vintage style book can be used as guest book or photo album. The book is tied with delicate linen and each page is hand-torn with stained edges and bound with Irish linen. the No matter how you prefer using it, this book fits our standards for heirloom-worthy and will surely transcend generations.

Vintage Wedding Guest Book Heirloom
SevenMemoriesBookArt (Etsy Store) – Vintage Wedding Guest Book

A sand ceremony unity set is a keepsake that you can pass on to your future generations as part of your family’s history and a legacy of your expansive love. As you pour sand together in the hourglass, it represents the beginning of a new life ahead filled with joy, love, and many adventures to come! Made of brass, this quality hourglass comes in an elegant wooden box for safe keeping.

Sand Ceremony Unity Set Wedding Heirloom
GiftsNcurls (Etsy Store) – Sand Ceremony Unity Set

For blended families, this unity puzzle celebrates the union of two loving families and makes for a lovely heirloom. It has pieces of different shapes and sizes just as each family member is unique and blessed with their own special qualities. Handcrafted from maple hardwood, each puzzle is custom designed just for you!

Heirloom-worthy Family Tree Unity Puzzl
Puzzledone (Etsy Store) – Family Tree Unity Puzzle

Adorned with crystals and rhinestones, make this gorgeous set of toasting flutes part of your celebrations and those of your future loved ones too. The exquisite design makes for timeless elegance and can be customized to perfectly accentuate your color scheme.

Ivory & Gold Wedding Toasting Flutes
WeddingArtGallery (Etsy Store) – Ivory & Gold Wedding Toasting Flutes

Offered in an array of beautiful colors, this stylish cake server set makes for a wonderful keepsake that will be used to celebrate special occasions long after your big day.

Heirloom Wedding Cake Server Set
WeddingArtGallery (Etsy Store) – Wedding Cake Server Set

The craftsmanship of this heirloom-quality wooden keepsake box is just as elevated as it is beautiful. Made from black walnut, the box features a sliding top lid and is finished with an organic wax to lend an antique sheen. Available in 3 sizes and several engraving options, this keepsake is more than a safe place to save cherished memories of your wedding. Beyond that, it’s a perfect sentimental piece to pass down through your generations.

Heirloom-worthy Keepsake Memory Wedding Box
Wayfaren (Etsy Store) – Keepsake Memory Wedding Box

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