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Gorgeous Bridal Garter Set

Choosing a gorgeous bridal garter set requires considering some important factors. Let us help guide you and explain exactly how to find the perfect garter set to complete your wedding look!

Fun fact: Garters came about through revamping an old and barbaric tradition where guests would rip small pieces off the bride’s dress for good luck and prosperity. In the modern world, the groom removes the brides’ garter (usually with his teeth), to the amusement of guests. Just like the bridal bouquet, the garter is tossed to a close male guest who is single.

You might have come here wondering if wearing a garter set is necessary for your special day. It can be a fun tradition that guests look forward to but it’s completely up to you!

From classically minimalistic to glitzy and glamorous, garter sets come in all kinds of styles, colors and of course, a wide price range. The key to picking the perfect one is to first determining a budget. From that baseline you can then select a style of garter that reflects your tastes and personality. A garter makes for a special memento of your big day, so get ready to pay a little more for something of heirloom-quality. Still, it doesn’t have to break the bank!

The quality of your garter is extremely important. From the ceremony to the reception, you’ll be wearing it for hours! A non-slip garter is exactly what you need if you don’t want to spend your day fussing with it! Custom garters made specifically for your leg size is a huge plus for a worry-free accessory. If opting for a one size fit all, make sure that it’s made of a good quality stretchy fabric.

Pay attention to the size of embellishments of the garter. If it’s too bulky or frilly, you might have a problem getting the garter to fit nicely under your dress. Ideally, the garter should rest flat on your leg. Bear in mind that you should select a garter with regard to your dress, and not the other way around! If you have a gorgeous form fitting dress and later fall in love with a heavily adorned garter…well, I’m sure you see the issue! If you have a lovely a-line dress with ample leg room, not a problem.

A garter is usually worn just above the knee; not too low and definitely not too high if you’d prefer not to display your underwear to everyone. They usually come in satin, silk or other materials that are comfortable against your skin and won’t cut your circulation. Both the keepsake and ‘tossing’ garter are worn on the same leg with the ‘tossing’ garter placed under the keepsake one.

We scouted the market for gorgeous bridal garter set ideas to simplify your search! All are hand-made by artisans who create beautiful garter sets while keeping your comfort in mind. For additional information on any of the sets, simply click on the provided link and you’ll be directed to one of our preferred merchants.

Don’t forget to save your favorite garter styles for later!

Adorned with crystals and rhinestones this alluring garter set with rose gold accents is available in your choice of a color for the lace. It also come with or without grip, giving you peace of mind for the duration of your special day. Its intricate design will make you feel like a princess!

Hand-beaded with high quality imitation pearls, crystals, rhinestones and stretch lace, this delicate garter set is absolutely gorgeous! Ultra-romantic, the garters are lightweight, comfortable to wear and as a bonus, they won’t slip while you celebrate.

Delicate Rhinestone Wedding Garter Set
BemycinderellaEtsy (Etsy Store) – Delicate Rhinestone Wedding Garter Set

Offered in your choice of white, ivory or light blue lace, this bridal garter set is embellished with silver crystals and pearls. It makes for an extremely stylish heirloom that you’ll cherish for many years to come!

Silver Clear Crystal & Pearl Bridal Garter Set
BellaBellaLaBelal (Etsy Store) – Silver Clear Crystal & Pearl Bridal Garter Set

The embroidered lace with light gold and dark ivory beading of this gorgeous gold garter set is lightweight and lays flat against your leg. The pearl center makes for a stylish and classy look without being too bulky. The lace band is offered in several colors to perfectly pair with your wedding theme.

Gold Wedding Garter Set
TheRaggedDiamond (Etsy Store) – Gold Wedding Garter Set

Add a stylish touch to your bridal look with this elegant diamond rhinestone garter set. Adorned with crystal rhinestones and faux pearl detailing, this one size garter is made of stretch lace.

Diamond Rhinestone Bridal Garter Set
BelleBoxBoutique (Etsy Store) – Diamond Rhinestone Bridal Garter Set

This romantic white lace embroidered garter set is adorned with delicate pearl accents. You can feel comfortable about the one size fits all due to the stretchy material. Beautifully simple and suitable for all dress types!

White Lace Embroidered Bridal Garter Set
FlorisAmorStudio (Etsy Store) – White Lace Embroidered Bridal Garter Set

For an exquisite addition to your wedding attire, this rose gold crystal garter set makes for a glamorous choice. The design is stunning with its sparkling rose gold crystals sewn onto a soft ivory elastic for comfort.

Rose Gold Crystal Bridal Garter Set
lostintimeinc (Etsy Store) – Rose Gold Crystal Bridal Garter Set

Personalized with your choice of color for the delicate flower, this lovely ivory garter set is adorned of pearls and rhinestones. The harmoniously designed toss garter is just as beautiful!

Ivory Pearl Beaded Lace Bridal Garter Set
OneFancyDay (Etsy Store) – Ivory Pearl Beaded Lace Bridal Garter Set

Whimsical and dainty, this ultra-feminine jasmine flower lace bridal garter set feature delicate beads. The soft elastic band with translucent ruffles wraps gently around your skin for comfort.

Jasmine Flower Lace Bridal Garter Set
WhiteStudioBridal (Etsy Store) – Jasmine Flower Lace Bridal Garter Set

Custom made to fit nice and snug for zero slippage on your special day, this diamond-like garter set will add a glamorous flair to your bridal attire. Made with reinforced lace, your garter won’t need silicone to hold in place.

Diamond Beaded Bridal Garter Set
ChantelleReneeBridal (Etsy Store) – Diamond Beaded Bridal Garter Set

In your choice of white or baby blue, this lovely floral garter set is made of soft lace and embroidered flowers. The garter is custom made in your exact size for ultimate comfort. The flat nature of this set also makes it perfect for the tightest of dresses!

Floral White Embroidered Bridal Garter Set
TheHeavenlyHangers (Etsy Store) – Floral White Embroidered Bridal Garter Set

This sparkly garter set features clear glass crystal rhinestones and small clear beads in an infinity pattern with the backing made of stretch lace. Custom made with your measurement, it’s sure to be a perfect fit!

Infinity Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Garter Set
LoveForeverBridal (Etsy Store) – Infinity Crystal Rhinestone Bridal Garter Set

This luxurious rhinestone beaded garter set makes for a cherished keepsake of your special day. The gorgeous and elegant design of the oval applique is made of faux pearls and rhinestones in varying sizes.

Rhinestone Pearl Bridal Garter Set
TheTossedBouquet (Etsy Store) – Rhinestone Pearl Bridal Garter Set

Made from embroidered lace, this lovely garter set is made of light gold beaded lace and adorned with lovely pearl detailing. Its beautiful and intricate design will add a stylish flair to your wedding look.

Lace and Pearl Bridal Garter Set
lovelikestyle (Etsy Store) – Lace and Pearl Bridal Garter Set

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