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Moroccan-Inspired Wedding Theme

A Moroccan-inspired wedding theme is a wonderful option to incorporate your heritage or love for this style. The bright colors and uniquely patterned items reflect a delightful celebration of life and love, and can all be done without setting foot in Marrakesh if you imbue your creativity and passion!

Moroccan Wedding Traditions

Without getting into the multitude of details surrounding the rich traditions, a Moroccan wedding is an event celebrated for more than a day. The opening of the celebration starts with the hammam day where the bride and the women go to a public bath, reminiscent of a spa. The following day is the henna ceremony. This is when the bride gets her hands and feet beautifully tattooed to bring her luck in married life. The signature of the legal documents is done prior to the wedding with only the key people attending.

Moroccan Wedding Decor

The traditional and bright color palette of this North-Western country in Africa includes white and black, as well as rich tones of blue, green, red and yellow. In addition to our blue chosen basic color scheme that represents tranquility and peace of mind, we also used copper, a reddish-brown that adds a beautiful eye-popping accent.

With the right accessories, a Moroccan wedding theme can be done at home in a banquet room, or even in your own backward for a casual event. They are certain key elements you need with which to decorate your venue to accentuate the feel and vibe. Creating a lounge reception area with pouf seating is at the top of the list. The poufs can be set on an area rug with multiple cushions to make everyone comfy cozy. A tea table decorated with lanterns, tea light holders and as many vintage vases as you can fit, make for a magical and warm decor. Hanging Moroccan styled lanterns throughout your venue, macrame tapestry, decorations with tassels, metal tea trays and adding touches of pampas grass will confer a wonderful ethnic vibe.

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Moroccan-Inspired Wedding Theme Ideas

In Morocco, white symbolizes wisdom, honor, and purity. In a traditional wedding, the Moroccan bride will change outfit about 4 times during the celebration. For a modern look, we simply love this ethereal wedding dress. It features lovely off-the-shoulder petal sleeves while the sweetheart neckline and deep v-neck confers a modern elegance and romanticism feel. This wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous to wear while saying ‘I do’!

Your Moroccan inspired wedding theme requires traditional decor elements such as a this ethnic Bohemian carpet rug. Choose a size that is large enough to create a decorated nook sitting area. The rug is made of 100% polyester and is a well-priced accent piece to build your decor upon.

Make your rug sitting area cozier by adding an assortment of pillows. Comfy cozy, the hand-woven cotton thread used to make these pillow covers demonstrates high-quality craftsmanship. Select from a variety of patterns and sizes to enhance the originality of your display.

Your low sitting area will also require traditional Moroccan imitation leather poufs. Keep in mind when purchasing these ottomans that they are non stuffed cushion covers. You’ll need to fill in the core with newspaper or old fabric you have on hand.

Making for a delightful addition to your table decor, this Moroccan style ceramic dish set features an exquisite pattern. Available in your choice of green or blue, mix and match both colors to create a decor that is as unique as you are. The detailed pattern reflects and conveys a wonderful ‘joie de vivre’!.

Moroccan tea trays make for a perfect addition to your table decor. Use them to create unique centerpieces or wall decor. This traditional designed handmade serving tray is made of 100% high quality copper and features brass handles and an intricate punch hammered design.

Ceramic tagines not only make for perfect serving platters for your Moroccan wedding theme, they can also be used as unique and thematically perfect centerpieces. This hand made Moroccan ceramic pot is an unexpected decoration that is sure to impress your guests!

Moroccan style lanterns offer a lot more than candlelight to your event. The colorful stained glass features an intricate design that will create unique light patterns throughout your venue. The exotic history of the design of Moroccan-style lantern comes from a conglomeration of many cultures: African, Middle Eastern, and European. They have a rustic feel and will add a sense of worldliness to your decor.

Hanging this beautiful vintage Moroccan iron lantern throughout your venue will illuminate the area in a wonderful and mysterious way. The exquisite openwork pattern creates a unique beauty of light and shadow art on all walls.

These gorgeous mosaic glass candle holders are handmade and make for stunning table decor. Each little piece of colored glass is cut and attached by hand to form a beautiful and unique pattern. The reflection created when adding votive candles will add a majestic vibe to your table decor.

No matter the theme of your wedding, pillar candles are a favorite to enhance the lighting of your venue! These ones match perfectly with your Moroccan inspired wedding theme. The metallic copper color will add luxury and sophistication to your tablescape.

Using vintage inspired copper containers filled with plants throughout your venue is a wonderful way to accentuate the natural vibe of your event. The container is large enough to create impressive centerpieces and it’s diamond-textured copper finish introduces a vintage and classic touch.

Natural dried pampas grass is a must-have decor element to enhance your Moroccan wedding decor. Pampas grass is budget friendly and can be integrated in so many ways making it ideal to convey a natural and geometrically interesting element to your decor.

The possibilities with natural dried pampas grass is astoundingly varied and simply stunning!

Send your guests home with a special gift wrapped in this colorful Moroccan inspired gift bags. Featuring a tile design on a turquoise- colored background, this bag matches perfectly with your wedding theme. Being consistent all the way down to the minute details make for an event your guests are sure to remember!

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