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Budget-Friendly Wedding Centerpieces

When searching for budget-friendly wedding centerpieces, the first task is to narrow down your selection to a select few that don’t look cheap. While staying true to your wedding theme and colors, when it comes to centerpieces your only limit is your imagination! Thinking outside the box and giving it a lot of thoughts will help you keep your table decor budget in line. And lucky for us, gorgeous centrepieces don’t have to break the bank!

A helpful way to choose your centerpieces in to create a spreadsheet to compare costs, such as the difference between buying your decorations versus renting them. Renting can really save money!

Look around your house, or family and friends decorations to see if something unique can be used as decorations. Old books, trays, vases are easy to integrate into a fabulous setting. The trends right now is to mix and match different styles of decorations to create unique centerpieces.

Another interesting option is to look around your house and enlist family and friends to find unique pieces that can be used as decorations. These objects can be surprisingly unique and interesting! Old books, serving trays and vases for example are easy to integrate into a fabulous setting. The trend right now is to mix and match different styles of decorations to create focal points that are truly one of a kind.

If you’re crafty and enjoy doing things yourself, consider having fun and taking this project into your own hands. Using burlap and twine to accentuate the look of vintage bottles can make for a unique vintage decor. With the right supplies the results can be astonishing and even more special than something store-bought.

Fresh flowers can be expensive but greenery makes for an outstanding and affordable natural table decor. Variously shaped vases filled with greenery can be absolutely gorgeous and shouldn’t be underestimated!

Elevate the elegance of your table decor by using many candles. It will lend a warm glow throughout your venue that your guests will enjoy basking in. Speckled votive candle holders are also an excellent choice and look highly refined. Remember, it’s not about how much you pay…it’s a matter of creativity and an eye for detail!

Many table decorations can served a dual purpose at your wedding. At the end of night, have your guests bring them home as favors for a keepsake they’ll cherish for many years to come. You’ll find lovely ideas on our blog post ‘Multi-Function Wedding Favors.’

Keep in mind the height of your centerpieces. Adjust the height of your table decor to be either low, or above eye level. Make sure that nothing can obstruct your guests’ view while they’re in conversation.

So go ahead, and be as creative as you can be with your centerpieces. Always keep in mind the style you’re aiming for. Continue below to view our favorite budget-friendly wedding centerpieces.

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Our Favorite Budget-friendly Wedding Centerpieces

Making for a natural centerpiece decor, these large wood slices are a great value for the price. Finding high quality wood slices is not an easy task but rest assured, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this set. These food grade wood slabs are lightweight, warp-resistant and varnish-free for a natural rustic look.

Fill these vintage enamel pitcher jugs with wild flowers or greenery making for centerpieces as unique as you are. They look just beautiful the way they are but you can also personalized them with a monogram or design that matches your wedding theme. These jugs are perfect to display on the wood slabs shown above.

These gold luminary bags make for a stylish and inexpensive way to create glowing centerpieces. Available in your choice of two designs, you need only fill this paper bags with an inch of sand and insert a battery operated tea light holder. You can also use them to decorate staircases, walkways, and any corner that needs a pop of luminescence.

Beautiful yet budget friendly, these gold crystal candle holders are what you’re looking for to add a glamorous look and elegance to your centerpieces. The high quality octagonal crystal beads they use will create an amazing lighting effects throughout your venue.

Create stunning centerpieces by filling these charming vintage glassware with greenery. Bring in diversity and harmony simply by mixing the different shapes and colors available to create unique centerpieces at a low cost.

Add warmth and romance to your table setting with these of gold mercury glass votive holders. Available in your choice of gold, coral, and silver, simply add regular votive candles, flameless LED or wax tea lights. Packaged in a set of 36 units, they are budget friendly and make for wonderful decorations to light up your venue.

Enhance your table decor with these stylish geometric white planters. Filled with greenery, the planters can also be given to your guests to bring home as favors. Everyone loves a pretty succulent!

If you are creative by nature, these small dome cloche jars can be transformed into unique wedding centerpieces. Insert interesting greenery or small decorations and nestle a few of them on each table for your guests to admire. The possibilities are endless with this one!

Mirror trays will also augment the elegance of your budget-friendly wedding centerpieces. These high quality glass mirror trays have a smooth rounded edge making it easy to grab them without hurting yourself. Each set of 12 trays come with 48 dots of foam tape to secure on your tables.

Decorative glass bottles make for unique centerpieces on a budget. Choose bottles that has an intricate design for a look that will stand out. Use them as is of insert a few blooms to add a rustic charm to your decor.

For an accessory that is well worth considering for your centerpieces, these budget friendly distressed lanterns are delicate and charming. You can either decorate them with flowers or greenery to perfectly match your color scheme or you can use them with tea light candles to warm up the setting at each table.

Perfectly themed for a nautical or beach wedding, these crystal seashell glass vases will look fabulous as centerpieces. Fill the bottom with sand than add small seashells and star fish making to create a unique display.

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