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Thoughtful Wedding Ideas To Please Your Guests

Thoughtful wedding ideas that will please Your guests |
Thoughtful wedding ideas to please your guests |
Considerate wedding ideas that your guests will love |
Lovely wedding ideas that your guests will love |
Thoughtful wedding ideas that your guest will love |
Thoughtful wedding ideas for your guests |

Have you been searching for thoughtful wedding ideas to please your guests? We all strive to plan a unique wedding that evokes emotion in our guests and sticks in their minds for years to come. A key part of crafting an unforgettable wedding is in the small details. In these details you will find everything you need to demonstrate your consideration for the happiness and pleasure of your guests.

On the RSVP card, it is a good idea to have your guests’ list dietary restrictions if they have any. Asking them to write down song requests will simultaneously make your guests feel special and make it easier for your DJ! Let’s also not forget to provide clear directions for your guests yo reach the ceremony and reception venues, Of course, provide clear direction and a map if necessary of the ceremony and reception venues.

As newlyweds after the ceremony, you will be taking photos that make for picture perfect memories. However, remember not to neglect your guests while you lovebirds disappear! Provide refreshments, snacks, and a designated area to keep them comfortable until you come back and begin celebrating.

Stick to your timeline and put a time limit on toasts. You need to get your guests on the dance floor to keep the party moving. It’s also a great idea to have a resting area were guests can hear themselves talk and catch a breather!

Before everyone leaves, end the night with a snack station. S’mores, pizza, or pretzels … the possibilities are endless! Offer bottles of water for guests to grab for the ride back home. At this point, you should have a clear plan of action to help out those who are not in a condition to drive.

Depending on the style and location of your wedding, you will need to consider what will make your guests the most comfortable and at ease.

Beach & Outdoor Weddings

Provide plenty of refreshments even before the ceremony has even started. Chilled water bottles and fruit juices are perfect for quenching everyone’s thirst. You can even wow your guests with a mimosa station. This is a great idea because your guests will be happy to find out that they don’t need to wait until the reception to get a drink!

Plan for a shady area for your guests to keep comfortable. If this is not possible, consider supplying parasols, sunglasses, hand fans, sunscreen, and refreshing towels. On a hot summer day, try keeping your ceremony as short as possible.

There’s unfortunately no way to predict the weather and it will sometimes rain of your parade! I encourage you to have a solid plan B in case the weather turns and have umbrellas just in case. We like the parasol / umbrella shown below as it makes a lot of sense!

How difficult will it be for everyone to navigate to the ceremony site? For the beach, providing flip flops is a thoughtful gesture. Contrary to popular belief, many of your guests will dislike walking bare footed in the sand. For a garden wedding, high heel protectors will score you major points with the ladies. They are truly amazing and will prevent from sinking into the grass, stone pavement, or any other irregular surface.

Beach and outdoor weddings also require bug spray! While on vacations, I witnessed a bride stopping her wedding ceremony which was held on the beach, because the sand was infested with bugs. The staff did not want to relocate the group to a safer ground and an argument broke out. This doesn’t make for a good memory!

For a reception held outdoors until the wee hours of the morning, we suggest providing a basket full of blankets. If it gets cooler at night, chances are your guests will be unlikely to stick around if they’re cold. Setting up a hot beverage station and liquors is also a very nice touch!

With all that in mind, the key is to go above and beyond the basics of what is expected at a wedding and delight your guests with what they need to stay comfortable. Plan for what they will need before they even realize they need it. Thoughtful wedding ideas to please your guests is what will make a memorable day for everyone!

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Thoughtful Wedding Ideas To Please Your Guests

Since Mother Nature is unpredictable, think ahead of protection for your guests in case of intense sun or rain. You will definitely score points! These nylon umbrellas / parasols come in many colors for you to choose from, may they be monochromatic or multicolored!

Personalized sunscreen bottles are a thoughtful gift idea for the guests of your beach or outdoor wedding. The bottle contains 1.5 ounces of a high quality tropical scented sunscreen and features a practical carabiner that easily attaches to your guests’ beach tote.

Being outside on a hot day dehydrates your skin. Prevent your guests from having crocodile skin by providing moisturizer lotion. Choose a size tube and a color that matches your event and fill them with your favorite body lotion. You can even print personalized labels at home to make each thoughtful unique.

A wonderful idea for a beach wedding is to stack a bunch of flip flops in a basket for your guests to wear. These ones are available in your choice of black or white, lending themselves perfectly to any theme.

Provide your guests with a quick way to clean their hands with personalized wedding spray hand sanitizer bottles. With an Isopropyl alcohol level of 75%, and no fragrance added, the hand sanitizer is also enriched with a glycerin moisturizer. This makes for a truly thoughtful and trendy gift idea for your guests!

Keep your guests cool by giving them attractive tropical fans. Made of bamboo, the fan are available in your choice of color and decorated with an attractive contemporary heart design. The fans will make it easier for your guests to stand the heat and will leave them with a lovely reminder of your special event!

Personalized sunglasses are also very useful during an outdoor ceremony. Remember, you want them blinded by your love blinded by your love, not the sun! The sunglasses are available in black of white and can be personalized with a choice of font styles and colors.

Perfect for an hot summer day or beach wedding, these Swiss roll cake towels are made of bamboo fiber and are available in a selection of colors to match your wedding decor. They make for such a thoughtful and refreshing gift idea for your guest and I bet you none will be able to resist using them during the day.

The hot sun can be damaging for the lips so delight your guests with personalized lip balms. Choose your favorite design, a color font, and personalize the lip balm with your names, and wedding date.

Fill a beautiful basket with these useful disposable mini travel soap paper so that your guests can quickly clean their hands while enjoying the outdoor festivities. They really make sense!

Keep plenty of bottle of water on hand to quench the thirst of your guests. To do it in style, get some personalized water bottle labels. They are well worth it and will add a touch of uniqueness to your celebration and wow your guests. Choose a favorite design and personalize with your names and wedding date.

Before the ceremony, delight your guests by setting up a Mimosa bar. No one ever expects to be served a drink until the reception. It’s a great idea especially for a beach or outdoor wedding. Offering fruit juices and champagne will please even the non- drinkers.

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