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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours
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More and more of today’s newlyweds are taking the time to research meaningful favours in order to host a wedding in harmony with nature. Concerned about the environment? We are too, which is why we are proud to have found these alternative favours that can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding! Choose from a selection of materials that can be reused or recycled for a greener tomorrow. For example instead of the traditional rice confetti tossed towards newlyweds, there are new biodegradable and eco-friendly alternatives. The gesture still symbolizes good luck, fertility, and abundance, but has no detrimental impact on the environment and wildlife such as birds.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Plantable Heart Shaped Confetti Plantable Heart Shaped Confetti

Ideal for outdoor ceremonies and garden weddings, this beautiful heart shaped toss confetti is biodegradable and embedded with wildflower seeds.
ErikasWhimsicalArt (Etsy Store)

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Lavender Wedding Rice Lavender Wedding Buds

The fragrant lavender wedding buds is a wonderful alternative to rice or birdseeds. It contains 100% pure lavender buds which are completely biodegradables. As the lavender buds are crushed underfoot, the delicate fragrance is released again and again.
paulajeangarden (Etsy Store)

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Bird Seed Party Favours Bird Seed Favours

Made of all natural, vegan ingredients, these birdseed hearts feature a jute loop making for a unique eco-friendly wedding favour.
PeachyGreenEco (Etsy Store)

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Personalized Eco-Friendly Pre-Cut Ribbon Personalized Eco-Friendly
Pre-Cut Ribbon

Made of 100% recycled materials, this ribbon is available in a variety of neutral colors tinted with all-natural dyes.
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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Eco-Friendly Wedding Confetti Eco-Friendly
Wedding Confetti

Available in an array of colors, the eco-friendly wedding confetti is water soluble and biodegradable so you can have a festive, lively send-off without causing permanent damage to the earth.
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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours - Natural Burlap Favor Pouches Natural Burlap Favor Pouches

These eco-chic natural burlap favor pouches are perfect for farm-themed weddings and all eco-friendly events. More like fine linen than potato sacks, these natural fiber bags are simple yet beautiful and come complete with a satin drawstring.
PartySpin (Etsy Store)

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Wedding Planning Books
Organic Weddings
Balancing ecology, style and tradition is a "user friendly" guide especially designed for those who want to celebrate their weddings in step with their values of and lifestyle, and with respect for balancing ecological and environmental needs.
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Wedding Planning Books
Eco-Chic Weddings:
Filled with great ideas; quick, simple, and easy-to-follow tips you need to make your wedding earth-friendly, and socially responsible. Add style to your wedding and stay true to your beliefs.
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Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours

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