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  How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favour  

Wedding favours are a timeless tradition; the bride and groom give a small gift to their guests to thank them for having been a part of their big day. This token of gratitude can be as simple as a treat for your guests to enjoy or a unique keepsake to cherish the wonderful memory of your event. A thoughtful, creative favour needs to be planned ahead of time to be truly worthy of keeping. There is no point in giving favours that your guests will leave behind or discard as trash. So while you research the seemingly endless ideas, ask yourself before you settle on a particular item, if it is something you would enjoy receiving.

A meaningful favour can be a wonderful way to express the personalities of you and your partner. It can share the story of how you met, reflect your heritage, or even spotlight a special hobby or talent. Leave no stone unturned; this is the time to be original and evaluate each possibility carefully. And just like your flower bouquets and decorations, the favour should be in harmony with the overall theme and colours of your venue.

Also important to keep in mind, is that guests appreciate favours that are either practical or edible. Edible favours are by far the most preferred gift and are ALWAYS well received by guests.

There are different ways to go, depending on your budget for favours and how many you need for your guests. For example, you could give a small token to each guest, or, allocate one favour per couple or family, and single guests. You may opt for different favours for male and female guests, or adults and children. And of course you can keep it simple and choose something that will please everyone. It can also be smart to have a few extra favours on hand for last minute guests, or if -oops- guests take more than one. You may also want to give favours to those unable to attend.

Favours don't have to be expensive. If you’re working on a low budget, look at DIY alternatives that can be assembled ahead of time without the risk of spoiling. If you decide to make your own edible favours, make sure your recipe is tested and consistent, and not susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

A fun and trendy idea is to provide small personalized bags or boxes for guests to select their favourites from a candy buffet and bring them home.

If you decide to go with keepsake-style favours, resist the temptation of having your initials monogrammed on them. To enhance your favours you can personalize instead with your names and date in the gift bags, boxes, ribbons, and tags rather than on the gift itself. By doing this you can turn a simple item into an impressive favour by wrapping it in quality paper or cello, adding a gorgeous bow, a stylish ornament, and a thank you note or tag.

There are no rules on how to distribute favours to the guests. They can be set on dinner tables, or given personally to each guest at the end of the reception. They can be part of the overall decor, neatly and artfully set on a decorated table, or nestled in an elegant basket to create a stunning visual arrangement. It helps to decide in advance where you want to keep your favours and how you plan to distribute them.


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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Favours

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