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Bachelorette Party Must Haves

It’s incredibly exciting that you get to organize a bachelorette party! If you want a mix of fun and naughty but not to the point where the bride- to-be wants to crawl under a rock – you’ve come to the right place! There’s a fine line between naughty and nastily trashy. The solution? A hand-picked selection of creative ideas to get your party firing on all cylinders. (Get your mind out of the gutter!)

That said, this is a naughty theme and boundaries are bound to be stretched. Don’t worry though – it’s all in good fun! Some gags on the market aren’t worthy for such a special event and can become a little disrespectful for the bride-to-be as well as the guests. It’s important to know your group before delving into this suggestive theme! We’ve chosen the best of the best; classy-naughty, if that’s a thing! High-quality mischievous favors to bring a blush to everyone’s face!

With a harmonious blend of attractive colors, pretty decorations, fun accessories and off course- penises, you’re bound to find what ‘turns you on’. Oh yes. We’re going there.

Continue below for exciting bachelorette party must haves for a celebration as fun, sweet and naughty as your bride-to-be! To view any of the products simply click on provided link and you’ll be directed to our favorite partners!

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Favorite Bachelorette Party Ideas

Decorate your venue with this package of rose gold and gold balloons. 24 feature flexible strippers and 12 are decorated with gold penis confetti. This style of balloon decor will definitively set the tone of your party! A simple ‘blow-job’ and they’ll be ready to go!

Bachelorette Party Naughty Balloon Decor Idea
SooSlick (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Naughty Balloons

This printable lingerie banner makes for a cute decor idea! The set includes 11 black and hot pink garments. Simply print on card stock, string the lingerie on a ribbon and hang it on a wall. Miniature clothes-pegs would add a wonderfully creative touch!

Printable Lingerie Banner
TheKrookedHalo (Etsy Shop) – Printable Lingerie Banner

A backdrop is always practical to accentuate the theme of the party of a party. This penis backdrop curtain is right in line with our theme and is available in rose gold, pink, purple, red, silver and gold. (Just saying – this makes for a perfect entry if you’ve booked male strippers!)

For the classy bride-to-be this double layered white party veil has a lovely white satin trim and comes with a plastic hair comb. The personalized text can be customized in a wide selection of colors.

Bachelorette Party Veil
ALWcrafts (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Veil

Bachelorette party and sashes are a classic must have! This elegant double faced satin bride-to-be sash comes in an array of colors for the fabric and the text. It also includes a velcro circle so that you can properly fit the sash.

Rose Gold Bachelorette Party Bride-to-be-Sash
WhiteRabbitsDesign (Etsy Shop) – Bride-to-be-Sash

These super soft and comfortable bachelorette party shirts will add to the synergy of your party goers. Choose your favorite saying, color, and size and watch your girl get into party mode.

Bachelorette Party Shirts
HappyHeartApparel (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Shirts

Temporary tattoos always create excitement at a bachelorette party and this one can be customized in your choice of colors and the name of the bride-to-be. For the tattoo to last longer it’s best to apply it on your forearm.

Bachelorette Party Temporary tattoos
SharonHArtDesigns (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Temporary tattoos

Toast the bride to be with this attractive cake and drinks stand in a shimmering rose gold. This makes for an original celebratory statement pieces and will add style to your table decor.

Bachelorette Party Drink Holder
hooraydays (Etsy Shop) –Bachelorette Party Drink Holder

Spice up your drinks with these lovely bachelorette party straws. Made from biodegradable, environmental friendly food-grade material, no Viagra is needed to keep these up! The straws feature a glitter penis made from premium glitter cardstock and make for a humorous addition.

Bachelorette Party Penis Straws
CraftingWithCece (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Penis Straws

Make the bride and her crew feel extra special by providing them with penis glasses. They are made of real clear glass and features a hole cut in the top for filling with your favorite beverage. These penis glasses can also be personalized!

Bachelorette Party Must Have Penis Glass
YouHadMeArCrafts (Etsy Shop) – Bachelorette Party Penis Glass

Follow through with your theme by providing a blush-worthy table setting for your bride-to-be. These rose gold penis shaped paper plates are not only functional they will also add some racy glam to your decor.

These bachelorette party penis paper napkins are embossed for enhanced tactile pleasure! (Not sponsored by Trojan.)

Bachelorette Party Penis Paper Napkins
YouHadMeAtCrafts (Etsy Shop) – Penis Paper Napkins

Enhance your venue decor by adding a warm and soft glow to your tables with these penis shaped pillar candles. At a decent length of 5 inches – cough – they’re pretty well sized and made of vegan soy wax. Choose from a variety of colors to find the best one(s) to suit your theme!

Bachelorette Party Penis Shaped Candles
CandlesBany (Etsy Shop) – Penis Shaped Pillar Candles

Making for a practical and fun bachelorette party gift idea, these personalized water bottles feature a double wall insulated BPA Free Acrylic. Choose a bow and font color perfectly themed to your event. Your girls will enjoy sucking on something a little less ‘dirty’!

Personalized Water Bottles Bachelorette Party Gifts
CaliforniaCalligraphy (Etsy Shop) – Personalized Water Bottles

This tasty penis lollipop is a bachelorette party must-have! Get one for the bride-to-be and each of your guests for a delightful treat that all will enjoy! This penis pop is small so as not to overwhelmed anyone and it comes in 3 delicious flavors; sexy strawberry, groping grapes, and cheeky cherry. Fun challenge: Consume them in a circle and see who can keep a straight face the longest!

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