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Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas

Poolside Bachelorette Party Ideas |
Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas |
Bachelorette Pool Bash |
Poolside Bachelorette Party |
Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas |

A bachelorette pool party is a fantastic way to celebrate your soon to be married best friend. The making of a great bachelorette pool party resides in six key elements: venue, decor, foods and drinks, games, and favors for your guests.


From a VIP party held into a grandiose hotel to an intimate bash in a friend backyard, planning can be as elaborate or as simple as you want in order to keep within your budget. If you have a particular hotel in mind, don’t hesitate to contact them and find out if they offer special bachelorette pool party packages.


Convey a tropical feel to your venue by using bright and colorful decorations. From flamingos, and pineapples to tropical flowers, there are endless options to decorate. Make sure to get a few pool floats! Not only are they great to add to your decor, they are fun accessories for all to enjoy. Invite your guests to dress the part by wearing floral print outfits or any clothing that has a vacation vibe.

Food & Drink

Make sure your guests don’t drink on an empty stomach by having snacks throughout the day. If your party has decided to stay put around the pool for the night, a BBQ for dinner is the way to go. Add a few delicious summery salads, and hold a cake batter ice cream fight for dessert! A pool party also requires exotic fruit drinks which include favorites like pina coladas, margueritas, and mojitos. Keep plenty of water bottles on hand to dilute your guests’ alcohol consumption … or not?


Plan for a few games to help get everyone get into a party mood. From pool pong to dare card games, you only need a game or two to excite your guests and not overwhelm them. We also really like the penis pinata shown below. Filled it with fun items and watch everyone get super excited!


A welcome bag for your guests is a wonderful gift idea for a bachelorette pool party. Fill the bags with a small bottle of suntan lotion, a lip balm, sunglasses, a plastic ring shot glass, a magazine, and a hangover kit.

Don’t forget to pin your favorites!

Bachelorette Pool Party Ideas

Perfect for the bride-to-be to wear while celebrating, these sassy pink bachelorette tank tops and bachelorette boyshorts are really fun! If your girl enjoys dressing up on the sexy side, she’ll have no problem wearing this super cute outfit.

Your bachelorette appearance would not be complete without these fun pink glitter sunglasses! The glitter pink lip-shaped frame features a banner that reads “Kiss The Miss Goodbye!”. She’ll look great lounging by the pool wearing these eye-catching sunglasses!

For a unique favor for your guests, these neon pink sunglasses make for a cute idea. Get everyone to wear them around the bride-to-be to create a festive mood!

Impress your guests by serving little penis shaped ice cubes in their cocktails. Small details like this penis ice cube tray is what makes for a successful party! Now is the perfect time to be a little naughty!

Get your bachelorette pool party started with these bright pink plastic ring shot glasses. They are designed to look just like diamond rings and will undoubtedly bring out the naughtiness of all your guests!

These eco-friendly and BPA free stadium cups are perfect for your bachelorette pool party. The cups are bright pink with the inscription ‘Lets’ get flocked up!’ written on both side.

Your bachelorette pool party deserves a festive pink and purple penis table setting. This set is super cute … without being a dick about it!

A must for your bachelorette pool party is this pink diamond ring pool float! Perfect for relaxing in the pool while sipping a favorite drink. You should actually get a couple of these to avoid a waiting line for your guests to use it!

Set the mood of your pool party with this set of three bachelorette party penis wall decorations. Turn your pool side decor into a penis wonderland!

Fill this happy face penis shaped pinata with candy, condoms, or small trinkets for a hilarious game idea everyone will remember.

Treat your naughty bachelorette to a tasty penis shaped lollipop. The fruit flavored sucker is perfectly sized not to scare the bride-to-be!

These white cardstock bachelorette gift bags feature pink handles, and a silver foil all-over design of martinis, rings, and diamonds. Fill these bags with party favors for a lovely surprise to get your girls ready for the night of a lifetime!

Keep the party going with the bachelorette dare card game. Distribute a scratch-off card to each guest to reveal what will be their own special dare for the evening. The party cards come packaged in a fun luggage tag case.

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