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Green and Earthy Wedding Ideas

Green and Earthy Wedding Ideas -
Green and Earthy Eco-friendlyWedding Ideas -
Green and Earthy Wedding Ideas -
Green and Earthy Ecoi-friendly Wedding Ideas -
Green and Earthy Wedding Ideas -
Green and Earthy Eco-friendly Wedding Ideas -

Our green & earthy wedding ideas are dedicated to couples wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and make their special day more sustainable. Most often, large celebrations produce a fair amount of waste, and by taking a even the smallest step, you will make a difference and have a positive impact on Mother Earth. You will feel good knowing that your big day was not harmful to the environment!

10 Ways You Can Make A Difference

1. Venue

Getting married outdoors and letting the sun take care of the lighting is a good step to help save energy. Surrounded by trees amidst a beautiful natural decor makes for the perfect venue for your chosen wedding theme. Barns, wineries, and even historical sites are sure to bring an enchanting and natural vibe to your event. You can still have a green wedding in a big hall, providing they are properly equipped to be an eco-friendly environment. Have your ceremony and reception at one location to avoid your guests having to travel from one place to another. This is also a thoughtful energy saver.

2. Wedding Dress

If second hand or renting your wedding dress is not your thing, choosing natural fabrics for your wedding dress is a step in the right direction. Blush Fashion a company founded in 2004 is a wonderful alternative for women of all shapes and sizes who wish to have a dress specially designed and handcrafted for them at an affordable cost. Their attention to detail and the quality fabric they use provides an eco-friendly alternative to otherwise environmentally harmful processes.

3. Bridesmaid Dress

Be sensible in your choice of dress for your bridesmaids. Look for a perfect style in a color that convey elegance and sophistication that they’ll be able to wear after the big day.

4. Disposable Dishes

Paper or plastic plates, cups and utensils are practical to use especially for an outdoor wedding. They create however a huge amount of waste. A green and earthy idea would be biodegradable and compostable alternatives. They are made from fast-growing, and renewable sources causing a minimal impact on the environment.

5. Multi Purpose Accessories

Using accessories that has multiple purposes will not only help you save money, they will help you reduce the amount of what will end up in the trash. A good example are the plantable wine glass tags shown below. Made of friendly seed paper, they also make for useful place cards, and gifts for your guests.

6. Wedding Must-Have

Choose your must-have wedding accessories carefully. Gorgeous organic flowers and greenery would look fabulous on your wedding cake. There is however nothing wrong if you prefer decorating your cake with a couple figurine instead. Choose one of good quality such as a handmade porcelain topper, so that it will become a memento worth keeping and cherishing long after your wedding.

7. Stationery

Cutting on your stationery is also a green and earthy wedding idea. Do you really need to have menus and timelines printed? In an era of technology, sending save-the-date cards and invites by email is a sounded alternative. You can get as creative as you want with your invites AND do your part to reduce paper waste! Sounds like a win – win, no?

8. Decor

Create an enchanting green and earthy wedding decor by using natural fibers, replenishable, sustainable, and fair trade materials. Instead of buying tons of decorations, try to rent them instead. Above all, try keeping your wedding decor down to earth!

9. Menu

You may also want to give some thoughts to your menu by selecting a caterer that works with fresh locally grown produce. Serving organic foods will earn you some extra points with Mother nature! Since there is always so much food at any celebration, make an arrangement to have the left overs to a food bank in your area.

10. Favors

What better way to thank your guests for attending your special day by offering a mini herb plant, succulent, or lovely plantable seed paper. To stay true to your theme, best to stay away from favors made of plastic, wood, or material that are unsustainable.

Explore below for charming green and earthy wedding ideas and don’t forget to pin your favorites!

Green and Earthy Wedding Ideas

Complement your green and earthy table decor with these pedestal apothecary glass jars. Use them to create impressive centerpieces, or to enhance your guest book table. These glass jars will make for a wonderful decor addition to your house after the big day, meaning that they won’t be wasted.

Decorate throughout your venue with these lovely moss hearts. Measuring 7 inches, this solid heart covered with moss includes a twine at the top to easily hang up on a wall to enhance your gift or guest wish table.

Perfect for a green and earthy wedding, these natural stone place card holders are a definite to enhance your theme. These polished stones are created to hold place cards, photos, or a special message for your guests.

Available in a choice of nine designs, these plantable seed place cards make a lot of sense t me. Made of biodegradable paper embedded with wildflower seeds, these place cards are a must to help your guests easily find their seats. After the event, they leave no waste making for a sound eco-friendly wedding idea. Instead of throwing them in the trash, have your guests bring them home and grow beautiful flowers.

Moss table numbers make for a perfect accent to your green and hearty wedding theme. Created from natural moss, each number is freestanding and is perfect for a natural look!

Instead of using disposable plastic plate, why not use these 100% biodegradable and compostable plates that can be disposed in good conscience. They will have a minimal impact on the environment since they are sourced from fast-growing, renewable Poplar trees, that are more sustainable to produce and harvest. These naturally-finished wood plates feature the words ‘happily ever after’ in an exquisite hand-lettered calligraphy. Available in two sizes, the plates are sturdy and can endure hot, cold, dry, and wet foods.

Featuring an elegant greenery design, these plantable wine glass tags are made of post-consumer friendly seed paper. Write the names of your guests on each tags and you’ve got yourself a place card, a wine glass marker, and a lovely favor for your guests to grow wildflowers as a memento of your big day. This is what I call a highly functional wedding idea!

This greenery mix includes classic green fillers like Lily Grass, Leather Leaf, Ivy, Israeli Ruscus, and Pittosporum to add a green and earthy feel to all your wedding arrangements. 

Made of recycled materials, this environmentally friendly pre-cut ribbon is available in a variety of colors tinted with natural dyes. Select the pre-cut lengths of your choice, and personalize the ribbon with your names and the date of your wedding to add a custom touch to your favors.

Eco-friendly wedding confetti are water soluble and biodegradable. They make for a festive way to celebrate your newlywed statue without causing any harm to the planet. Try to avoid using rice confetti which has a detrimental impact on the environment and the birds.

For your welcome bags, this eco-friendly re-usable custom tote is made of natural cotton. These bags are very handy for grocery shopping as we never have enough! Your guests are guaranteed to find practical way to re-use these over and over!

Planning for a green wedding involves making sure nothing goes to waste. Instead to using disposable plastic glasses why don’t you use these personalized stemless wine glasses? Your guests will take them home after as favors and will forever remember your big day.

Packaged in a glass bottle, maple syrup makes is a delicious earthy favor for your guests. The label is available in a wide selection of colors and designs for you to easily find a combination that rings true to your heart!

Add to your green and earthy table decor with live succulents. Set them at each place setting or group them as centerpieces. Your guests need only to take one home as a memorable eco-friendly favor.

These 100% cotton organic muslin favor bags make for an eco-friendly way to package confetti almonds, treats, or trinkets for your guests. To add a unique flair to your favors, you can add a hand-stamped special message for your guests.

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