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Wine And Cheese Tasting Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Wine and Cheese Tasting Bridal Shower Theme Ideas - Get inspired with delightful table decor ideas and favors for your guests -
A wine and cheese tasting bridal shower is a fun and easy theme to organize - Get inspired with delightful table decor ideas and favors for your guests -
Get inspired with fun ideas to organize a successful wine and cheese tasting bridal shower - Visit us to learn how and for delightful table decor ideas and favors for your guests -

A wine and cheese tasting is an excellent theme idea that is worth considering for your bridal shower. You’ll truly appreciate the warmth and friendliness this theme will bring to your party. Even if you’re not connoisseurs, you will love the pairings and will discover lifetime favorites. After all, your ultimate goal is for everyone to have fun!

Formal vs Casual Event

For an enjoyable evening, you’ll need to decide if a formal or casual affair is preferable for your group. A formal wine and cheese tasting party requires proper table setting, planning several courses, and paper and pen for everyone to rate their tasting experiences.

On the other hand, a casual celebration creates a more relax ambiance for your guests. By setting different tasting stations of wine and cheese pairs around the room, let your guests experiment at their own leisure. Since all can be prepared in advance, whatever formula you choose, it allows for you and your guests to fully participate and enjoy the party together.

Selecting Your Wine & Cheese

You can choose your wine and cheese from a specific country, a particular region or, broaden your selection to around the globe! You can also theme your event around a famous cepage (grape variety) for example Cabarnet Sauvignon or Chardonay and explore the nuances of several wineries. From white, red, rosé, champagne and ports, all are well worth delicious investigations! Remember that you don’t need to be an expert… just have fun!

As a good starter, serve white wines paired with creamy and soft texture cheeses like Brie and Camembert. To follow, offer fruity red wines paired with firmer and mild cheese, and then move to richly bodied red wines with stronger aged cheeses. To finish your wine tasting on delicious note, serve a bottle of vintage port with Parmigiano Regiano cheese. No one will be able to resist!

A formal wine and cheese tasting usually accounts for 3 or 4 courses, with each one having 2 choices of wine and 3 types of cheese. The quantity of wine served for tasting is minimal so a bottle per 8 guests should be enough. Have extra bottles on hand for guests to help themselves to their favorites afterward.

Take the cheese out of the fridge at least 30 minutes prior and calculate approximately 20 grams of each type served per guests. Complement the presentation with baskets of bread, and an assortment of crackers. Neatly present unsalted nuts, plates of fresh fruits such as grape, apples, pears, and strawberries as well as dried fruit like cranberries, figs and dates. Dark, high quality chocolate can also be a delicious addition to your feast.

Be considerate of your guests who cannot consume alcohol by having interesting non alcoholic beverage for them to taste. Also have plenty of water ready for your guests to rinse their mouths between each tasting.

Continue below to get inspired with practical accessories and decor ideas to create a fun and memorable wine and cheese tasting bridal shower!

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This “Wine & Cheese” bridal shower invitation features a watercolor grapes design at the top and a cheese graphic at bottom. Paired with elegant fonts, this themed invitation will set the tone of your bridal shower.

Wine Tasting Decor & Supplies

A personalized wooden wine trough is a practical addition to a wine tasting party. The wine cooler is made of sturdy fir wood and features a removable metal ice bucket to keep beverages chilled. Choose from a variety of engraving options to make it truly unique! It also makes for a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple.

Personalized Wine Trough
ReillyCreation (Etsy Store) – Personalized Wooden Wine Trough

Delight the bride to be with her own personalized bamboo and slate wine tasting flight. The set includes 4 miniature wine carafes that can be engraved to create a custom flight. After the party, this will make a great addition to the bride’s home decor. She’ll love having her own flight set!

Add fun to your bridal shower by serving a mystery wine where your guests need to guess the type of grape of the wine. Pour a full bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in this exquisite wine decanter and enjoy everyone playing expert as they try to guess what type of wine it is. This sleek wine decanter features a birch wood stopper that can be personalized with a single block letter.

Wine Decanter With Wood Stopper
DesignstheLimit (Etsy Store) – Wine Decanter With Wood Stopper

Add a stylish and personalized touch to your table decor with these personalized stemless wine glasses. Everyone will enjoy using the glasses while sampling different wines. They also make for great keepsake to bring home as favors.

Hiding the name and region of your bottles of wine will add mystery to a blind wine tasting party. Use these wine labels personalized with your choice of a bridal shower design, name, and date of event. When your bottles of wine are labeled, simply numbered each bottle with a felt pen.

Another easy way to hide the make of wine bottles is to insert them into these burlap wine bottle bags with numbers. The set of ten bags features twine drawstring closures and table numbers in black typography. 

Burlap Wine Bags With Numbers
ChidenoCanada (Etsy Store) – Burlap Wine Bags With Numbers

Use these personalized wine cork stoppers for opened wine bottles during your party. It will clearly demonstrate your ‘savoir-faire’ as the hostess. After the bridal shower, give them to your guests for a fun and practical keepsake.

Wine Cork Stoppers
JCSDesigns2017 (Etsy Store) – Wine Cork Stoppers

These wine flight tasting placemats are just what you need to have everyone pay closer attention to the wine they’ll be tasting. Rating different wines on these placemats will add fun to your bridal shower no matter how much of a connoisseur your guests are!

Wine Flight Tasting Placemats
RubyRavens (Etsy Store) – Wine Flight Tasting Placemats

With this wine tasting party kit you’ve got everything you need for your guests to rate their wines. The set includes twelve tasting cards and pencils as well as six tags for adding numbers to your wine bottles.

Cheese Tasting Decor & Supplies

For a stylish display of cheeses, this personalized tempered glass cutting board is absolutely charming. The board measures 12″ in diameter which is perfect for serving 4 to 5 cheeses or to use for your selection of fresh and dry fruits. Personalize the cutting board with up to three initials for a wonderful keepsake that you’ll be using over and over.

Wine and cheese tasting tempered glass cutting board
LexGetCraftyByAlexis (Etsy Store) – Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Featuring customizable engravings, this slate and acacia cheese board has a swivel-style closure that opens to reveal 4 cheese utensils stored conveniently within. The removable slate sheet adds a unique touch and makes for a stylish presentation of cheeses.

More than just a personalized cheese cutting board, this gourmet set includes a knife, shaver, fork, and spreader all tucked away in a swivel closure, housed within the chopping board. Made of eco-friendly rubber-wood, this practical set will enhance your wine and cheese tasting table decor. It also makes for a great gift for the bride to be.

A successful wine and cheese tasting bridal shower begins with great wine, an interesting assortment of cheeses and these perfectly charming wine cork handle stainless steel spreaders! These adorable spreaders feature a cork handle with the words “Vintage Reserve”. It’s both a must have to elevate your table decor and make for a delightful favor for your guests.

Spreader With Wine Cork Handle
LiliesBoutiqueCA (Etsy Store) – Spreader With Wine Cork Handle

If you are looking for a favor that perfectly matches your bridal shower theme, these cute bamboo heart-shaped cutting boards with spreaders are perfect! This favor set is packaged in a sage green gift box along with an ivory ribbon for a wonderful gift to your guests.

Add a touch of originality to your table setting by displaying cards with the name of the cheese set in these elegant wine cork place card holders. The cork is made of resin and is embossed with an old-world winery and the words “Maison du Vin”. The place card holders include matching place cards decorated with a vine-and-grapes design.

Impress your guests with this wine tasting trivia game. The set includes all you need to put your knowledge to the test: 100 wine trivia facts, 2 cheat sheets, 4 tasting guides, 4 grape variety hint sheets, 6 hessian bottle bags, 6 numbered tags for bottles, 24 name tags, 1 score pad, 50 trivia and table talk cards, 1 sommelier bow tie and 4 winners props. Wine not have fun with this fun party game kit?!

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