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Trendy Wedding Color Themes

It's easy to get overwhelmed trying to find the right color palette for your wedding. Your theme should reflect both your personalities as a coupe while keeping in mind your chosen venue and season. Explore below to become inspired by trendy wedding color theme ideas that will help you plan for the event of your dreams!

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Dusty Blue & Silver Trendy Wedding Color Theme Ideas Dusty Blue & Silver Wedding Inspiration
Being a soft and delicate color, dusty blue has a grayish hint making pairing with silver a perfect blend!
Shades of Teal Trendy Wedding Color Scheme Shades of Teal Wedding Color Theme
For an event that stands out, a shades of teal wedding color theme makes for a stunning combination!
Copper & Rust Trendy Wedding Color Theme Ideas Copper & Rust Wedding
A copper and rust wedding color palette makes for a bright and vibrant venue decor. It brings in natural sophistication while still conferring a mood of coziness and romanticism.
Moody Black & Burgundy Trendy Wedding Color Sheme Moody Black & Burgundy Wedding Color Theme
The rich color palette of a moody black and burgundy wedding is an infusion of deep and passionate Romanesque style. It’s a perfect and stunning theme if you’re considering a fall or winter wedding.
Stylish Blush, Champagne & Gold Trendy Wedding Color Theme Ideas Stylish Blush, Champagne & Gold Color Theme
This romantic theme is designed to stand-out by its luxurious feel that confers a magical ambiance to your venue.
Romantic All White Trendy Wedding Color Theme Romantic All White Wedding
Timeless and classy, a romantic all white wedding is an elegant theme that has withstood the test of time.
Sage Green & Blush Trendy Wedding Color Theme Ideas Sage Green & Blush Wedding Inspiration
Sage green is a pale, grey- green that is very trendy right now. It has a calming effect and being a neutral color, it pairs beautifully with blush pink or peach.
Enchanted Emerald & Gold Trendy Wedding Color Theme Enchanted Emerald & Gold Wedding Inspiration
The richness and glamour of an emerald green and gold wedding color palette makes for a theme that is enchanting and captivating.
Elegant Navy Blue & Gold Trendy Wedding Color Theme Ideas Elegant Navy Blue & Gold Wedding Theme
A navy blue and gold wedding theme will bring a flair of elegance and sophistication to your event.
Light Pink & Peach Trendy Wedding Color Theme Light Pink & Peach Spring Wedding
The softness of this delicate color combination is representative of the rebirth in springtime when the flowers begin to bloom.
Terracotta Bohemian Fall Trendy Wedding Theme Ideas Terracotta Bohemian Fall Wedding
Combining this vibrant color scheme with an unconventional Bohemian style decor creates a unique and eclectic vibe that is sure to capture your guests’ attention!
Modern Black & Gold Trendy Wedding Color Scheme Modern Black & Gold Wedding Color Scheme
Timeless and classic, a modern black and gold wedding color scheme is glamorous and gorgeous. Whether intimate or large, your wedding will truly make a statement!
Modern Clear Wedding Decor Modern Clear Wedding Decor
Add elegance to your venue with modern, clear wedding decor. A trendy transparent decor is rapidly gaining popularity with couples wishing to exchange vows in a simpler contemporary way.
Dusty Blue French Country Inspired Wedding Theme Dusty Blue French Country Inspired Wedding
The soft hue of French blue combined with the rustic feel of country decor add a warm, charming and a loving feel.
Whimsical Shades of Purple Trendy Wedding Color Theme Idea Whimsical Shades of Purple Wedding Color Scheme
Straight from a fairy tale, a ‘shades of purple’ wedding color scheme is whimsical and yours to customize!
Pink & Red Trendy Wedding Color Theme Pink & Red Wedding Color Scheme Ideas
An obviously popular color scheme for a Valentine’s or Holiday season, this theme is actually suitable for all seasons by simply varying the intensity of the pink and red hues.
Elegant White & Gold Trendy Wedding Color Theme Idea Elegant White & Gold Wedding Ideas
An elegant white & gold wedding palette confers the utmost of sophistication and glamour to your event!
Rose Gold Trendy Wedding Color Theme Rose Gold Wedding Theme Ideas
Rose gold represents love and is a glamorous color that combines the elegance of gold and the romanticism of pink.
Modern Light Blue & Purple Trendy Wedding Color Theme Modern Light Blue & Purple Wedding
Light blue will bring to your wedding calm and serenity while a softer hue of purple will add a touch of romance and fantasy. A perfect color combination for a modern flair wedding.

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